The Shuttered City

It is no secret that I really do like this city. I also love being able to photograph it any chance I can get, especially downtown doing street style photography. I recently picked up the Canon M50 because I have not had a new camera in about 12 years and thinking about adding vlogging to my repertoire. With the state having  a stay at home order it seemed like the perfect time to take the new camera and see what the city is like in a time of desolation. Enjoy the results.

We are used to seeing the city packed with people and cars. 4th street is usually always teeming with people at the various restaurants, so its a bit eerie looking up the street and seeing no one. The fountain at public square is rarely without children playing in it, but fears over coronavirus has changed the mindset of people, for the time being.

This new camera has a filter option that has been something I have always wanted to try. It takes pictures that creates a miniature effect, here are two examples.

There was a quietness that engulfed the city. Traffic was at a minimum, storefronts darkened. The homeless had the run of the city and for this time seem to be the royalty that runs it. Here are some more images that give the stark reality of what we are going through.

Even Playhouse Square is affected. We were standing there taking pictures for about fifteen minutes and maybe saw about ten cars pass. It did allow for some good photo opportunities.

There is never a shortage of things to photograph in this city. Even random things become points of interest.

Terminal Tower in all of its lit glory still stands as a testament that the city will endure.

It almost appears that we have stepped through a looking glass into another dimension. As we approach the looking glass and start to step through, the world we would move into would shimmer and slowly open itself up to us. This reflection of the cityscape in the river seemed to catch that perfectly.



Its hard to imagine that we may go back to a “normal” way of life.  We see the city is open but the images we witness during this time show us that things have have changed. As people we adapt, we are strong, and we will get through this.



This is my home and to capture it in such beauty in a time of great struggle is very important to me. Each of us should do what we can to keep each other healthy. Just dont forget to take a small amount of time to stop and see the beauty around us.

4 thoughts on “The Shuttered City

  1. Thanks for making and sharing beautiful pictures. I’ve been in since March 6. Im planning a trip to Lakeview cemetery with hubby to take pics and enjoy the solitude. Springtime at Lakeview is magical. Stay safe.

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  2. Great shots! It’s eerie how empty and desolate everything is. But also, it’s really fascinating. Thanks for sharing. Take care of yoursel, alright?


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