Some of my favorite sites. Places that provide inspiration or people that I find fascinating.


Astrosaddle – Autostraddle is a serious labor of love that started out as a group of friends wanting to start a revolution and is now the world’s most popular lesbian website, with over one million unique visitors and 3.5 million views per month.

My Fabulous Disease – this blog includes thoughts and stories relating to Mark S. King’s life as an HIV positive gay man.

TransGriot – Monica Roberts is a Black trans woman, Houston native, and twenty year human rights advocate who aims to use her own experiences to promote acceptance and understanding of the transgender community, particularly transgender people of color.

Joe My God – Joe.My.God has been an uber-popular, award-winning LGBT blog for more than 10 years. Joe primarily blogs about LGBT news, culture, marriage equality, and politics. If you like staying up-to-date with political news, look no further– Joe sometimes posts as many as seven political articles a day.