About Me


Welcome to Gay in the CLE!

Hello everyone! Thank you for taking them time to check out my blog. 

I am Keith, an LGBTQ blogger and the creator of Gay in the CLE!

This blog is about LGBTQ people and all of our interests. It is filled with history, coming out stories, pop culture, lifestyle posts, and much more, to help others understand who we are and provide help and resources for every LGBTQ person. 

Gay in the CLE started as a blog to showcase the experiences of a southern gay man living in Cleveland. Finding out about the LGBTQ community and bringing it to others so they can see the vibrancy of the community. It has since grown to talk about a wide array of issues that involve the LGBTQ community and even include guest bloggers.

My Story

I came out over twenty years ago, in college. At the time, I had an amazing support system that accepted me for who I was. I have also had the luxury of meeting many amazing people along the way that has helped me understand out history, who I am, and how I can fit into this world that seems to be less than accepting, at times. 

I am currently in an amazing relationship with a very understanding and supportive person. It has been a long time coming, but I feel we complement each other and their support has been amazing.

Why I Do This

Those experiences have prompted me to help where I can and share the knowledge I have been given. I am here to help those that are still coming out understand that they are beautiful and perfect for who they are, I love sharing their stories and our history, in the hopes of making others understand who we are. 

Everybody Say Love

While RuPaul has made that quote famous, I feel it speaks volumes to us, on an individual level. We are not perfect beings but we are exactly who we are meant to be. We are all human beings that desired to be loved and return the love and its got to start with ourselves. My hope is that the very least, my blog can help you start that journey.

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