So, This Is Christmas…

Well it is Christmas Eve and much of today will be spent in final preparations for the holiday. That means making sure the tree is decked out with presents, all the lights are  up, decorations hung, and cooking is completed. That can truly be stressful and sometimes holiday music just will not cut it. Last post I gave you some Christmas horror movies to help distract you from you’re the stress of this time of year and so, today I thought I would give you some holiday movies that can keep you in the spirit from the remainder of the year. Some of these are movies have watch each year and some are ones that I have seen a couple times but stick with me. Without further ado, let’s get the list started to keep your spirits merry.


We will start with my number 7 movie. Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol is probably one of my all-time favorite holiday classics. Just about every incarnations is a good one for me, from Mickey’s Christmas Carol to Scrooged with Bill Murray. But my all-time favorite has to be A Christmas Carol starring George C. Scott from 1984. George C. Scott from the very beginning embodies the voice and soul of Ebenezer Scrooge, as he deals with each of the three Christmas spirits, it truly made me feel what he was going through. And his change once he has seen the world he created still touches me to this day.


Number 6 for me would have to be National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It is a movie that we all can relate to, here is poor Clark Griswold who wants to so badly to have the Christmas Spirit and enjoy it with his family. Between irreverent family members, his boss screwing him out of his Christmas bonus, and the disastrous ball of Christmas lights, he is battling uphill just to maintain his sanity. This time of year can totally have that effect on us. Instead of letting your cheer escape you, escape to the Griswold’s for a couple of hours and reset your  tension levels.


Home Alone would probably be my number 5 movie and would probably surprise most of my  friends. Macaulay Culkin has had better acting roles, but this one is just fun. Hell, as kids, we all wished to be left alone sometimes. Whether it was because our siblings driving us crazy or family truly treating us like kids, but we can agree with Kevin in that when it happens it’s a shock. Its a fun romp of a kid who deals with getting his wish and realizing that he may have been in over his head when he made his wish. But it is nice to see a kid grow up a little to appreciate the things he had and realize that family is important, even with they are annoying.


Number 4 for me would be Trading Places. I can hear Karl telling me now that this is not a Christmas movie. But I challenge that it has the meaning of Christmas mixed all through out the entirety. Pairing Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd is comedy genius. The premise is two obscenely rich white guys bet they can strip a man of his name, wealth, and position and give it all to a homeless guy to see how he reacts to the sudden change. It teaches you to appreciate what you have and those that are in your life and adds to it the meaning of being able to give to others in need.


White Christmas would be my number 3 movie and this year I was given the awesome experience of seeing it onstage, thanks to my boyfriend trying to rekindle my Christmas Spirit.  I wont enter into the debate of whether this is a Christmas Movie but leave it with it embodying the good tidings of the year. It’s a story/musical about two guys who fall in love and try to help save the livelihood of their former commanding general. It tugs at the heart strings and offers chuckles throughout. While I do love a good musical, I do have to say that this is one of a very few of Irving Berlin that I truly like. Listening to Bing Corby crooning is enough to make me love this holiday classic.


My number 2 movie has a lot in common with my number 7 movie. They both have been remade a few times and each offers its own unique take on the story, however the 1947 version of  Miracle on 34th Street is my absolute favorite. Edmund Gwenn is perfect for this role. His demeanor, eyes, and reaction to the children is probably the most believable of what Santa Claus should be. The majority of the movie focuses on the trial to prove whether Kris Kringle is in fact the true Santa Claus. Susan the daughter in the story, is being raised to not believe in Santa, but by the end, her belief is the one that really pulls at your and slowly as others start to believe, you feel that your spirit in the holiday is restored.


A Christmas Story is my  number 1 Christmas movie. () Though, I am pretty sure I would get ran out of Cleveland if I didn’t mention this movie as part of a Top list. I mean they Terminal Town lit up showing the Leg Lamp, so it would almost be sacrilegious. That being said, it is a pretty awesome movie. It captures childhood magic about Christmas with all the wrappings. We have all wanted that one truly prized above all other Christmas gifts and have begged our parents and pried Santa with letters to deliver it. This movie really teaches you to be careful of what you ask for or you’ll shoot your eye out. Come on, you knew there would be some kind of pun about the movie coming up. Just hope you weren’t too FRA-GEE-LAY to find humor in it.

Again, take some time away from the hustle and bustle of this insane week and spend time with those you love and keep your spirits merry. I wish each of you a very Happy Holiday, without you reading, I wouldn’t be here.

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