Movies for Your Holiday-Slay

Most of you, if you read often enough, know that I am a horror fan. Granted my love of horror goes from silent black and white up to the mid 90s. I am not for splatter gore or torture porn horror. Give me a good slasher flick anyday, monsters or zombies that create iminent panic is perfect, and suspense is super. Well, with it being the holiday season, I figured I would give you kiddies a taste of Christmas horror movies. What better way to stay up all night waiting for St. Nick than watching some horror themed yuletide flicks, enjoy.


Coming in last, at number 5 is Jack Frost (1997). Okay, this movie is straight up camp and barely even fun. Let me clarify, this is not the father and son touchy winter drama that had Michael Keaton playing the snowman, instead is a serial killer who had a bad run in with a truck load of contaminated material. Our killer snowman uses his carrot nose for killing and sexual assaults, talk about getting the most from your veggies. As a side note, Rotten Tomatoes give this movie a whopping 7%. Check it out, but make sure you are full of holiday cheer first, might make it a tad more enjoyable.


At number 4 we have Santa Claws (1996). If you remember from Halloween how Michael Myers became the killer he was after seeing his sister naked, then you are already one up on how this movie starts. As a young boy, Wayne, sees his mother having sex with a man in a Santa hat. This sparks young Wayne into a murderous frenzy where he kills them both and later grows up believing he is Santa and must kill people. As with most horror films from the 90, there is a huge about of female nudity. This little gem was given to us by the co-writer of Night of the Living Dead, John Russo. Thanks John!!!


Number 3 brings us Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984). In the vein of bad movies, this one is right up there. That being said it does offer some awesome kill scenes. Two of my favorites are in the department store and the chipper shredder. It definitely makes red a joyous part of the holiday season. 


Number 2 is one I used last year, but for Christmas Horror it will always be good for me. Thats right, the Gremlins is an awesome Christmas Horror movie that teaches the spirit of giving and the consequences of not taking care of your carefully thought out gifts. The town completely runs amok because Billy could not follow the three simple rules of his most amazing Christmas gift. You know you want to watch it, again. So grab some water, a plate of chicken, and be prepared for an event filled Christmas day.


And lastly, number 1 is Krampus. Sure, it would be easy to give you a plethora of Santa filled movies for number one, but why talk about him when you can talk about his brutish brother who loves to abduct all the bad kids instead of giving them lumps of coal. Okay, fine, I used it last year as well,  but it is a favorite holiday horror movie for me. I cant tell you how many times I had been stuck dealing with cousins at Xmas and would have eagerly helped Krampus take them away, at the time. So you better be good or you may end up in a sack hauled away. 

Check out my favorites and see how you like them. Why stop there, there are hundreds of Christmas theme horror movies out there and they range from laughably bad to meh that wasn’t utter trash. Enjoy them with the family and lots of holiday spirits (wink, wink).

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