End of the Summer Feel Good Songs

We find ourselves at the end of summer and I am left feeling like it was barely here. With Cleveland having more mild temperatures, it was easy to forget that we had been in the embrace of it. Now that September is knocking on the door, I am left dreading the winter to come. To help perk myself up and hopefully you, as well, here is a list of music that keeps me thinking about summer and fun.

Dolly Parton – Baby I’m Burning

I mean, who doesn’t love Dolly. She is one of the largest supporters of the LGBTQ community and AIDS organizations. Her songs, while written from a female perspective, have always been easily relatable to gay men everywhere. This song speaks of the summer romances we wish we had. Eye contact causing stirrings, touches that incite urgent desires, and acting on them. Gotta love it.


Wynter Gordon – Dirty Talk

Building on the heat of summer and the time to fulfill those bucket lists items, here is Dirty Talk. Speaking of all the kink goodness you can get into during those hot summer trysts. Wynter Gordon gives you a step by step of what to try and even where, in some cases.


Rihanna – Only Girl

I read in an article somewhere that they perceived this to be a song about being a bottom. The line that says “Baby I’ll tell you all my secrets that I’m keepin, you can come inside. And when you enter, you aint leavin.” definitely lends some credibility to that. Either way, it talk about some pretty amazing sex. And after all, summer is about feeling sexy.


Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Outta My Head

First of all, Kylie Minogue is the most underrated gay pop icon, ever. America never really fully embraced her for her awesomeness. This song is a good analogy of Grease. It totally takes Sandy’s intensity of falling for Danny over summer break to a new level. It the kind of thoughts that can carry us through the fall and winter months, keeping us warm.


Scissor Sisters – I Don’t Feel Like Dancing

Scissor Sisters has been a favorite of mine since a friend, Scott Russell, turned me onto them several years ago (god that makes me feel old). While this isn’t my favorite song, it does capture that day after partying all night. If you haven’t heard of them before, take a listen and then dive so much deeper.


Lizzo – Juice & Tempo

This woman is taking the world by storm. Her songs are so amazingly relatable and what better song for summer than Juice. It’s a feel good, emotional booster. This is the jam to play while getting ready to head out of the night or weekend. Wanna step it up for the club and make an impression, then you have to have Tempo. Consider this your twofer for a high energy night.


Spice Girls – Say You’ll Be There & Wannabe

I have been a closet Spice Girl fan since they came out, but their songs have always been the exact bubblegum pop that gets me singing in the car. And you know that groovin in your car at the stop light is a quintessential summer behavior. So, “Say You’ll Be There” groovin right along, don’t be a “Wannabe” this summer.


Ariana Grande – Into You

What can you not say in describing this song? It just feels you with so much fun and energy that you just want to move and be noticed. Definitely a good summer song to catch the attention of that hot summer romance.


Demi Lavato – Cool For The Summer

Umm, how could I not include this song. Slow burn song that just drives energy very quickly, it is a song that describes summer in the best of ways. Let us not forget Demi in this video is just all of that.


Grab some friends, pour some cocktails, and listen to these jams this weekend. Summer is fading and we need all the memories we can get before the winter doldrums roll in. If you have any songs you think should be added to this list, drop me a comment with your additions. Always looking to grow my playlists.

One thought on “End of the Summer Feel Good Songs

  1. Wow where you got that idea with an article talking about songs i like for the summer is truly amazing. At no point was it saying that gay men should act in a female perspective. If you got that because I only posted female songs, that is a big stretch. I do prefer female artists as opposed to male artists, but that has nothing to do with how I act.

    Secondly, it’s hardly a stereotype. There are, in fact, feminine gay men out there. Their lifestyles and viewpoints are just as valid as your narrow opinion of what it or is not acceptable to you. What is sad is how quick you are to launch judgement at anyone of our community instead of embracing them as a part of it. Maybe one day you can get past your own internalize homophobia to accept “ALL” people in our community.


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