Lakeview Cemetery

One of my most favorite places in Cleveland, by far, is Lakeview Cemetery. Some count it as touristy with all of the famous people buried there. And it’s true, with people like James A. Garfield, Elliot Ness, Zelma George, Flora Stone Mather, and John D. Rockefeller, it does attract many people just looking to grab a look at their graves. For me it is much more, the well sculptured gardens, amazing history, beautiful sculptures, and the serenity makes it a favorite go to spot. It has amazing calming energy and reminds us that, in the end, we are all equal. It is also one of my most favorite places for taking pictures. That is also another reason it is considered touristy. But here is to Lakeview Cemetery.

On this occasion, I got to show my favorite place to a close friend who had never been. I think he was a bit taken aback by the immensity of it and that it actually hides a dam in its midst. The dam was finished in 1978 and was built to help manage flood waters. You can follow the spillway from the beginnings of the cemetery and all the way to the dam. It is signed as no trespassing, just so you know. Here is a graffiti shot from the area and the tunnel that is used to channel larger amounts of water to the damn.


Everywhere you look in Lakeview you will see various kinds of artwork, from the Tiffany glass in Wade chapel to intricate carvings on headstones.

The biggest draws to the cemetery is the mausoleums and the various statues of angels and people. This biggest of the attractions is the Haserot Angel, even just searching for Lakeview Cemetery turns up many images taken by people who visit the angel every year. Below you will see a few pics of the Haserot Angel, as well as some other angels and one of the mausoleums.



It is always fun sharing places I love going to with people who have never been. This was one of those days, just doing a little walkthrough to show the entirety of the place as well as a few of my more favorite spots inside of it. If you have not been, you really need to get out and check it out. Plenty of good hills for hiking, lots of photo ops, and just tons of nature to surround yourself with. Be active in your city, you may not know what you are missing.

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