Our Transgender Community: *Retraction*

The series I started on my blog for sharing stories of Cleveland’s Transgender community was designed so that their voices, experiences, and words could be shared with others in hopes of helping others understand. I wanted all to be heard regardless of what they said and it be unfiltered. Meaning I wouldn’t change word choice or what was said, maybe clean up grammar at most.

Some of you may have noticed that my most recent post was returning a page error when it was trying to be viewed, I apologize for that. I had to remove the post. Why you may ask, unfortunately word usage was the reason. Things that were said in the post encountered negative feedback. How is this fair, you ask? We deal with negativity on a daily basis, why should I censor when someone speaks out. I don’t believe we should candy coat our words, but I do feel if you have a point that needs to be made that you can do so without pointing a finger at someone else. As someone who is from a marginalized community being gay, Native American, and pagan, making others feel the things I have felt is not the way to fight.

I am sorry if I offended anyone be taking this post down, none was meant in my actions. As I am sure the intent of the post wasn’t to target any specific group of people. Being passionate is an amazing gift and hope you never lose it, but using that power as a means to lash out loses its effectiveness. Harness your precious gift and use it to move others to your cause. Tecumseh, Black Elk, Maya Angelou, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, Harvey Milk, Cleve Jones, Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, Sojourner Truth and Coretta Scott King are that kind of magic.




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