5 Tips To Build Your Intuition

Intuition is a tether to the subconscious. It’s your ultimate source of wisdom and creative energy.

It is a safe bet that, at some point, you have been in a situation where your mind was telling you one thing and your “gut” or instinct was telling you something else. Which did you listen to? Was it right or did you regret the decision you made, at the time? That other voice was your intuition and it often is the one that looks out for our safety and best interest, its advice is based on cumulative knowledge gained either by experience or given to you.

That inner voice is stronger when we are younger and less influenced by the world around us. As we age, we opt to follow social norms and use logic or prefer practicality over hunches or feelings. The good news is that it isn’t lost, you can develop or strengthen it. Today, you will learn 5 Tips To Build Your Intuition.

This little light of mine

Intuition is a tool that we all have. Some think that it’s a mystical power. Others say that it’s merely our subconscious trying to tell us something. Regardless of the source, we all have that little voice that tries to tell us things from time to time.

But, what is it?

Your intuition is that pull you often feel in your gut, not your actual stomach but close. And we all have it, all the time. Some may have an easier time hearing it and others may need to work a little to hear it better. Either way, you already have it and the good news is that you can learn how to hear it better.

But that really doesn’t tell us what it is.

You meet someone new. As you look at them, you start to sense kindness or fear in their face. You don’t know why or where this is coming from, but it is a strong feeling. It’s that persistent feeling that doesn’t seem to go away. Maybe your best friend is telling you something and it seems a little off, you feel like they are hiding something. Do you choose to react to what they are saying or how it makes you feel? That is your intuition talking to you.

As we get older, we often learn to ignore that little voice. We turn to logic, and focus on being practical. But we’ve experienced a lot over the years, and there is some part of our brain that has accumulated a tremendous amount of wisdom. Listening to that little voice can be a good thing.

More than a feeling

Your intuition is not logical, it is not a set of considered steps that can be shared or explained. BUt it feels more natural and relatable than the measured feelings we use in making decisions. Where choice can often bog us down and add confusion, the intuition is quick and direct. It is based on lived experience and knowledge.

You also have to remember that it is not always accurate. It comes from the subconscious brain that uses patterns, visuals, and feelings to make its decision and at its core it is still a best guess. But you can develop it.

But why develop it if it is a best guess?

Your intuition was built to help reduce the overall cognitive load of your brain and is meant to respond instantly while providing a level of confidence in our decision making. But that process is often colored, good and bad, by experience. You can loosely think of your intuition as the first responders on a scene. They, like the intuition, are the first on the scene and provide fast response and immediate action to help address the situation.

The more you work with it, listen to it, and help it with knowledge, the better it will be in assisting you with those rapid response decisions.

Get the party started

Over the last two weeks, and this article, you have begun to learn what your intuition is and how it can help you. You may be at a place where you don’t hear that voice at all or perhaps you are wanting to strengthen it so that it becomes a stronger and more confident voice. 

You have come to the right place as here are 5 Tips To Build Your Intuition

  1. Meditation – the simple act of meditating a few minutes each day is a good way to quiet your mind enough to hear that voice better. Everyday our mind processes tons of information and we don’t always know how noisy our minds get. Meditation can help you slow it down so those other thoughts and voices can shine. Now, I will never say that meditating will completely quiet your mind, but it can help focus it. A good way to start is by simply counting your breaths and staying focused on them. As a thought comes into your mind, don’t fixate on it. Just let it come and go, focus on your inhale, pause, and exhale.
  2. Dream Journal – At night, our minds are unfettered by our day to day actions. They process all the information we have taken in and sometimes can process ideas much better – through dreams. Many psychologists believe that we work out our challenges in our sleep. Want proof, I have someone you could ask about working out those challenges while they sleep. Our mind also has, on average, 5 dreams per night and if you are like me you are lucky you remember even one of them. But you can work on that, as well
    1. After you get in bed, tell yourself you want to remember your dreams. Keep thinking this until you fall asleep
    2. Keep a notebook and pen on your bedside table. As soon as you wake up, record what you remember as they fade quickly once you wake up. If you are struggling, keep working on the above item until you start remembering more
    3. Review your dreams to see if there might be some information you can apply to any situations going on. These will help you strengthen your memory and learn to get in touch with that inner voice.
  3. Follow your intuition – After all, that is why you are reading this article. The quickest way to turn off your intuition is to never listen to it. Start acting on it in small situations where the outcome wont have big effects. Head out for a walk and when you approach a fork in the road, ask yourself which to take. After you finish your walk, reflect back on your choice and what you saw because of it. This will instill in you, and your intuition, the desire to strengthen the bond.
  4. Busy mind – This may sound like a contradiction, especially after discussing meditation. That being said, many people find that their best ideas come while their minds are slightly busy. So what is ‘slightly busy?’ Think like taking a walk, taking a shower, or listening to the rain fall on the roof. It is where you have a slight focus on what is going on around you but not deep in thought. Try to recreate those types of situations to help add some needed background noise. 
  5. Keeping a journal. It doesn’t matter if this is a digital or paper journal. Taking a few minutes each day to write your thoughts down helps clear and focus the mind. Just writing can often open you up to ideas and inspiration you didn’t realize was there.With them, you will start to develop your inner sight to see things you haven’t considered. Keep them in a safe place, so you will feel more comfortable about being honest with yourself.

Stronger than yesterday

Being in touch with your intuition can help you identify and solve the challenges in your life that are causing stress. It also releases your imagination and creativity. Your intuition is a great resource, but it’s important to nurture it. Start with smaller things. When your intuition has proven it’s reliable, use it to make bigger decisions.

Intuition is a tether to the subconscious. It’s your ultimate source of wisdom and creative energy. Make life easier and richer by utilizing all of your resources.

What about you? Do you listen to your intuition? How did you develop it? If you havent started the journey, yet, then what do you hope to achieve? How do you think listening to it more will help you? Let me know in the comments below. Remember that your insight may be what someone else needs to get over their hump and progress in their journeys.

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