Why Can’t I Manifest

Have you been told that you often get in your own way of what you want out of life?

Many of us want to make changes in our life and many will attempt the change and not succeed. A small few will actually get those changes they want in their lives and the rest just stare at them in disbelief and wonder how they did it. What trick did they use to actualize what they wanted to do? The answer is simple, they got out of their own way and just did it.

Okay, you are probably staring slack jawed at your screen reading this right now wondering what it is, exactly, that I mean. Let’s look into it.

Have you been told that you often get in your own way of what you want out of life? Hearing that phrase can cause triggering responses in some people but do we actually know what it means? If you were asked to explain what it means to you, what would you say? While we are using catch phrases or cliches to explain things, why not throw another. You are your own worst critic.

To actually do the things you want to do, make the changes you want in your life, or just to do something that is completely different that you have in the past, all you need to do is simply decide that you want to do it and just do it. Simple as that, get out of your own way.

Today, we are going to look at how we get in our own ways when we are trying to manifest our desires and how we can get beyond us being the problem.

But I want to manifest NOW

You have been reading my posts, buying books, watching videos, and consuming every resource you can find on how to manifest but you can’t seem to explain why those things aren’t coming to you. You have accepted the thought that we create our own realities. You have even put into action all of the laws of attraction and fully believe that what we visualie we can attract into our own experience. You practice these concepts, daily or at least as much as you can remember to. You repeat affirmations like: my perfect relationship is out there and I deserve to have it, my income level is constantly increasing and I have the abundance that I need in my life. So why don’t you have your perfect relationship or the income you are wanting?

Perhaps you think you are limited by the upbringing you had from your parents and them instilling into you that money is bad or maybe it was the belief that there is something spiritual or you grow from suffering. The simple truth is that it does not matter where your beliefs come from or how many of them you hold on to. You can work around these limiting factors. Start with focusing on the belief that serves you best, such as: the Universe is full of abundance, the Universe wants to bring your desires to you. Stop feeling unworthy, that doesn’t serve your best interests. If you have any doubts that you deserve to be happy and successful, no matter how small, how can you possibly create those very desires in your life?

You have to change that small piece of thinking to create the bigger things in your life.

Just do it

Let’s jump ahead to where you have implemented some of the little changes talked about above. Now, you are 1. Believing that you can have all that you desire and 2. you now feel worthy of those things in which you desire. You can say you have done your part and you are waiting for the Universe to deliver them to your “door.” But there might be a small missing link that you forgot about. But, what it is?

Take action…

You are probably sitting there thinking that all you had to do was ask and you will receive in abundance from the Universe, now you are telling me there is more? Point taken Lets take a moment to see how action can be the very catalyst you need in your process.

When you take even the smallest action towards the direction that you desire, you are showing the Universe that you are serious about your desires. It initiates the process because you are focusing your attention action instead of only waiting. This action does not need to be some massive life-altering event, to have an impact. Maybe the action you take comes from a feeling of inspiration, intuition, or some event that seems to be coincidental to your desires. Just remember that when you take action, make sure you feel good about it, about yourself and what it is you want to do. This… is how you assist the Universe in fulfilling your dreams. This is the key that starts the action for change and drives the action of attraction.

Putting it all together

For the last sixty years, since the 1960s, we have been exposed to self help and motivational instructions that focus primarily on the physical world and how we interact with it. For many, this has been enough to drive the change they desire. For others, it hasn’t been the case. Science and medicine often work with blanket ideas in their approach to patients. What works for one should work for all. We now know that it is simply not true. Success comes to those who have a manifesting mindset. Look at anyone who worked their whole life to achieve what they want and got it in spades, they manifested their dreams into reality no matter the cost.

So, what is the manifesting mindset, you ask? In the simplest of forms, it is a way of thinking that is in harmony with the universe and our goals.

You may be sitting there thinking that this is very spiritual sounding, you know it? It is. It doesn’t change the fact that some people get everything they want and have that abundance in their life mainly due to their manifesting mindset.

Let’s break it down

If we have a subconscious belief that wealth is an achievable goal, then our mind will allow us to manifest that wealth. On the other hand, if you have thoughts that are negative towards the attainment of that wealth, then you will send out that negative energy and wealth will not come to you. Maybe you know or have read about someone who had a successful business or made a lot of money only to lose it after a period of time? Or, have you had some personal achievements and caught yourself saying something to the effect of, “I’m so lucky, I can’t believe I am doing this?” Then you watch as your luck seems to turn on its own and you lose all you achieved.

Those are examples of subconscious thoughts that sabotage being able to maintain your success.

Speaking of cliches, you have probably heard that a watched pot never boils. Here is how that can apply to a manifesting mindset. If you focus, consciously, on a problem for too long, you never seem to find the answer you need, but if you allow yourself to step back and not focus on it we often find the answer we need. This is allowing the manifesting mindset to teach us to solve our problems without thinking about it.

Daydreaming can be beneficial for us, in this area, as well. Okay, if you grew up like me you probably had teachers constantly scolding you for daydreaming in class and it created some negative feedback loop for you. You are an adult now and have been given license to daydream when it suits you. Take use of it. So many great ideas come to us when we relax our mind and allow the thoughts to wander around the universe. That is often when we solve the very problem that has been bugging us for so long.

That, my friends, is being in harmony with the Universe!

Riddle me this

Here is a puzzle for you to think about. Do people invent things or do they just understand how the powers of energy in the universe actually work?

Let’s look at an example.

We all know that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, but the truth is that it was alway possible to have a light bulb, even before Edison understood how to make it. From there, it became one of the most common items the world over. We all use them everyday and we have seen that simple concept evolve into newer ideas over time. But imagine trying  to explain the concept of a light bulb to someone who has never seen it before.

This is similar to the Manifesting Mindset, we are only now beginning to understand it and how to harness the energy that makes up our Universe. That is only the beginning, there is so much more for us to learn. You can rest on one truth though, “knowledge is power” and understanding that the Manifesting Mindset will allow you to achieve that which you truly desire.

Reflections on manifesting

Does this help explain what may be getting in your way of manifesting your desires? How does this concept relate to you, if at all. Do you often find yourself getting in your own way or did you just learn today that maybe you get in your way more than you realized?  Let me know in the comments below. Remember that the lessons you have learned may, in fact, help others see where they too can grow. I love reading your comments. Let me know if this series has been helpful for you. Thank you all for the time you give me and reading along.


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