3 Keys To Unlock Your Reality

You must take a hands-on approach in mastering yourself in order to have success with applying the Law of Attraction.

We all have heard the saying that Perception is Reality. Is that completely true?

Reality is a constant, it is the totality of a system both known and unknown. It is not that clear cut, though. Reality is both subjective and objective.

Subjective reality is the perceived reality of the individual. Is is based on their perceptions and experiences translated into their beliefs of what is real. This, by its very definition, allows for multiple realities to exist as there are multiple people living them. It is the amalgamation of what has a real effect on that individual – it is a personal experience.

Objective reality does not allow for perceived experiences, there is no room for interpretation. Objective reality states that something either is or is not, it is the realm of absolutes. It is concrete. This reality does not allow room for the imagination or fantasy, it only deals with what is tangible. The world around us is objective reality. A tree is a physical entity that exists in this reality. It can be touched, seen, smelt, and felt. Or is it? The problem is this objective reality is being perceived by a subjective point of view – one that is based on the experiences we have, our mood, and our intelligence. All of these are variables that are different from the next person. No two people can experience reality in the same way. So then, how do we accurately quantify it?

Reality exists even if we aren’t here to perceive it. But that also calls to mind the old adage of “If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” How we interpret reality is where the subjective side comes in and makes the whole dish messy.

Let’s take a look at how we can alter our view of reality and how to interact with it as we look at 3 Keys to Unlock Your Reality.

Creating Your Reality

It is a safe bet that if you are reading this, you have probably heard the school of thought that states you can create your own reality through setting your intentions for manifestation. This is the topic we have been discussing, the Laws of Attraction. What it means is that you create your own reality with your thoughts.

It may sound strange to hear and for many seem unbelievable, but at its core it is true. Only you are responsible for how your life turns out or how you interact with it. You are the author of your own script.

We all have been guilty of this. During our day, we run into bad luck and it throws us into a bad mood. In the end we say things like, why did this happen to me or I am prone to bad luck. Or we may get into a traffic accident and our first thought is to blame that bad luck on the other driver. What is true in this is that we dont wish bad things on ourselves, but what is actually true here is that we are responsible for our actions and reactions. Maybe that accident stemmed from us not paying attention to the situations around us or distracted from what we should be focusing on.

Here is a different example to show this point. You wake up in the morning and as you are getting started you notice you feel hungry. This, in turn, leads you to thinking about breakfast and what sounds good. What does a person do next? They head to the kitchen and find breakfast. Your thoughts and feelings manifested your reality of dealing with hunger. Your thoughts because an action or a thing, so why woudl you want to focus on the negative ones.

3 Keys to Unlock Reality

The first and most important key in the Law of Attraction is acceptance. You have to accept where you are at this very moment. No matter what your situation, condition, or experience, you cannot seek to change it if you first do not accept it. Even if you look to all self-help groups, 12 step programs, and more, the first lesson they teach you is to accept who and where you are. You cannot see the need for change if you dont understand what the issue is. Even in the most dark situations there are lessons, wealth, and beauty to accept. It’s a tired saying, but you have to love who you are before you can move on and change.

You have heard someone, at some point, say something like this, after years of being frustrated with my job, I finally decided to learn to love it, when suddenly, someone offered me a new and better paying job. Or maybe you’ve heard a remark like this, for years I hated my body, but I finally decided to love my pouch then suddenly, I started to lose weight without doing anything! This is all part of the first key, learn to accept things as they are.

The Second Key to the Laws of Attraction is to find beauty in all things. Nature shows us that the most beautiful creations are often the most dangerous. We have grown up with the idea that all ugly things are bad and all pretty things are good. The truth is that all things are beautiful, our experience in the difference depends on our perspective of the event. We tend to see more ugly and badness when forced with a situation that is harmful to us. When you are going through those rough spots, take a moment to step back from the situation and look for beauty it it. It may be as simple as this negative event pointing out your strength to preserver or a need for change in how you do things.

Mystics know that out of the darkest moments comes the most light. Out of ugly comes beauty, out of hardness comes softness. Love it all, observe it all because it is all linked. One cannot exist without the other. In order to apply the Law of Attraction with success you must realize this reality and know with confidence that what is good will come out of what you presently see as hard or difficult, but ONLY if you first choose to see the beauty inside of the hardship. The Law of Attraction requires that you alter your focus to find what is beautiful and what is beautiful is almost always found inside the darkest of circumstances.

The greatest minds know that the most beautiful things come from the less than beautiful beginners. Take for instance that beautiful flower that grows out of the cracks of an ugly decimated building surrounded by garbage. Ugly cannot exist without beauty as much as light cannot exist without the darkness. This is how we learn to know the difference between both. The Laws of Attraction teach us that we must have confidence that good will come out of what we see as hard or difficult, only if you choose to see the beauty in the hardship, we have to alter our focus. If you want to lose weight and be consistent at keeping it off, it require a change in lifestyle. To ensure we succeed in that venture we have to see the beauty in the journey to be a better version of ourselves. We must accept the hard work and pain we endure will pay off positively in the end. 

The Third Key is the root of what you are trying to attract comes out of your present conditions. You can successfully apply the Law of Attraction by realizing that your past, present, and future are interlocked and are really one source of the total you in all your many forms.

The Third Key of the Law of Attraction teaches us that you are the sum of your past, present, and future. Where you are today is the foundation of where you will be going in your future, should you accept the darkness and beauty of your present situations. All variables are interlocked and to understand the individual pieces will allow you to attract the things you want to bring into your life. Remember that what you want could not exist or come to you if you were not where you are at this very moment. And where you are at this very moment is the sum of all of the things that have come before.

Opening Up Your New Reality

The best thing you can do for yourself is to get out a notebook and begin to journal your present experiences. You must take a hands-on approach in mastering yourself in order to have success with applying the Law of Attraction. Write out each point and begin to examine yourself. Writing is healing and it will absolutely change you at a deeper subconscious level.


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