12 Christmas Songs for Goths

These songs have definitely made Christmas a lot easier for me to handle.

Halloween is almost two months behind us now and if you are like me you feel that it doesn’t get enough attention. Then you have Christmas that starts showing up at the end of August. Why doesn’t Halloween get its due the same that Christmas does?

Well you are in luck, today I am going to share with you 12 Goth Christmas Songs that will keep your Halloween vibe while still being a part of Christmas. These songs have definitely made Christmas a lot easier for me to handle.

I am sure you may be conflicted about this, to some degree. How can there be Goth Christmas songs? What makes a Christmas Song Goth? Are all of these songs just reimagined with blood, death, black nails, and eyeliner? Rest assured that none of your favorite Christmas songs will appear in the list in some bizarre twisted remake of the song, mostly. All songs will either be original or sung by various Goth Rock/Industrial artists. Who knows, there may be a few surprises along the way. Stay tuned to find out.

Without further strife and torture, here are my !2 Goth Christmas Songs.

12. You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch – The Misfits

Nothing says Goth Punk like the Misfits and there are so many songs that are iconic to Christmas, but this one likes to poke fun at the Bah-Humbug side of it all. The only reason this falls at 12 instead of further up the list is because Danzig is not singing. While I do have a soft spot for Jerry Only’s vocals, this one seems to have been better suited for Danzig’s growl. If you are a Misfits fan, then check this out. While you are getting into this one, dig a little deeper and check out their song Island of Misfit Toys.

11. Naughty Christmas – Lacuna Coil

Depending on how long you have been in the industrial/goth scene, you may or may not have heard of Lacuna Coil. It is not shocking if you haven’t, since their beginnings in 1994, they have changed their names three times – from Sleep of Right to Ethereal and then to Lacuna Coil. They got their start in Milan and have recorded 14 different albums, sixteen singles and videos. They are known for their mixing of goth imagery and music featuring midtempo songs that are guitar driven. What sets them apart for me is their contrasting male/female vocals. Naughty Christmas is a perfect example of their music style while incorporating Krampus into the holiday season. This is a must for any Goth/Industrial Holiday playlist.

10. King of Frost – Unto Ashes

Unto Ashes got its start in 1997 in New York City and are a musical ensemble that combines madrigal, folk, neo-medieval, and darkwave. If you are confused, I don’t blame you, that is a lot. However, their ethereal stylings fit right into the Goth scene. King of Frost creates a magical, wintery fairyland that is a tinge more dangerous than it is bright and festive. For a deeper dive, make sure to check out I am Winter Born. If you have pagan leanings, both of these will speak volumes to you.

9. Silent Night – Attrition

Attrition was founded in Coventry, England in 1980, born of the post-punk and experimental scene. This band is one of many bands that helped lay the groundwork for industrial music in the UK. Their music gives you the vibes of Joy Division, Sex Pistols, and Kraftwerk. Their version of Silent Night is unlike anything you may have heard before and seems a perfect backdrop to any Christmas horror movie.

8. We Wish You A Scary Christmas – Count Bachula

If you like a good Theremin and organ driven Christmas song, then this one is right up your spooky dark road. Don’t worry about any vocals, it’s purely organ and theremin goodness. Those of you that know me know that I love a good organ. (insert groans here) Give it a listen and imagine the Munsters decorating their Christmas tree.

 Christmastime – The Smashing Pumpkins

You can’t really call yourself a Goth if there isn’t at least one Smashing Pumpkins album in your collection. And what better way to celebrate a Gothmas than with Billy Corgen belting out the lyrics of Christmastime. What I love most about this Smashing Pumpkins offering is that it captures that mystique children have for Christmas perfectly. It also holds a close hold on my heart because of one set of lyrics especially, “I remember dreaming. Wishing, hoping, praying for this day…” It captures, perfectly, for me those feelings of excitement and wonder that this holiday should be about but often forgotten. Let Billy transport you back to your childhood and enjoy this jingle for the holiday season.

6. Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Leaether Strip

No industrial or goth playlist is complete without at least one song by Leaether Strip and number 5. Danishman Chris Larsen founded Leaether Strip in 1988 and has been one of the most influential groups of the electronic body music and electro-industrial genres.  Chris gives you his take on Santa Claus coming to town and you get full on the Leaether Strip sound, Chris’ vocals to this seminal holiday classic. Hearing his unmissable growl almost gives this sound more of the warning that  it expresses naturally. If Santa was actually Chris Larsen, kids should mind the line that kids should be good for goodness sake. Stop what you are doing and make this a part of your Holiday Christmas Playlist. 

5. It’s Always Christmas Time – Al Jourgensen

Al Jourgenson has been a mainstay in the goth/industrial world since the days of Wax Trax. He has started more bands than there are actual hairs on a bat (joking). There are few who, even if they don’t know his name, do not know Al’s voice. Founder of Ministry, Revolting Cocks, and more, as he has influenced artists and genres alike, If you were to take his Halloween song Everyday is Halloween add candy canes, tinsel, and reindeer, you will come out with It’s Always Christmas Time. It is almost an admission of how he took the anger in his life and found a new better way to express it.

4. Red Water – Type O Negative

For me, this has to be the best song to hear Peter Steele’s voice and bass work. Brooklyn born Type O Negative was a cornerstone to the Goth Rock scene. Most of their songs revolve around romance, depression, and death and most know them from their album October Rust. Sadly, the world lost Peter Steele in April of 2010 and the band disbanded to honor who they were. This song is a somber reminder of those we have lost and how the holidays seem to bring those memories back like, the Ghost of Christmas Past. Put a candle in the window, grab your favorite Yule beverage, and sit by the fire and remember those that are no longer with us and celebrate your holiday cheer for them.

3. Israel – Siouxsie and the Banshees

Siouxsie and the Banshees hold a dear place in my little goth heart. They were one of the first bands I listened to as a young goth kid in the 80s. Then I didn’t fully understand the meanings to many of their songs but I knew they embodied my feelings of fighting against those that sought to tell me how to live and act. This song speaks to that immensely. There are notes of not covering up what you’ve been hiding inside by the trappings others impose on you. It can be seen as a questioning of the faith that many of us had put upon us since childhood – to seek our own understanding and path. It also tinges about celebrating life and the focus on Israel being where much of Christianity got its start.

2. Frosty the Snowman – The Cocteau Twins

Nothing says Christmas to me quite like the Cocteau Twins EP – Snow. You would be hard-pressed to find this EP any longer as there were only approximately 5000 made. There is just something magical about Elizabeth Fraser singing about Frosty. It embodies the spirit of this cold holiday in a way that other versions miss out on. On this EP, they also released their version of Winter Wonderland. Be sure to check them out for your holiday halloween festivities. (I will not say that this is an official video but it is fun to watch with their song).

1. All I Want for Christmas is Halloween – Happy Fangs

The reason that this song makes it to number one is solely due to how the lead singer, Rebecca Bortman reminds me of Siouxsie from Siouxsie and the Banshees. All I Want for Christmas is Halloween definitely gives me Siouxsie vibes. To add the cherry on top, it’s almost a Christmas wish for jolly ole’ St Nick to give us one more Halloween bash for the year. Sadly, Happy Fangs broke up in 2015, I hope they got their Halloween for Christmas either way.

Make the Yuletide Goth

For many of us, the onset of Christmas means that Halloween has been shoved to the back of the closet before you even had time to play Wake the Dead. I hope that this list give you a little bit back of your Hallowe’en Spirit. Be sure to check out my Gothmas playlist on Spotify for these songs and more. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Do you have a special goth Christmas song that you bring out each holiday season? Are there songs or artists you think should make a cover, version, their own Christmas song? Let me know in the comments below. May your holiday be filled with spooky holiday yuletides.

Merry Gothmas!!


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