Rituals and the Laws of Attraction

To apply the Laws of Attraction you need to have a ritual of learning and manifesting.

Rituals are an important part of the manifesting process. Those who are greatly successful with applying the Law of Attraction understand that there is a sacred method to it. You perform rituals all the time, every day you have a set schedule in which you get up at a particular time and drive to work or catch the bus or train. When you brush your teeth, that is a form of ritual.

To successfully apply the Laws of Attraction you need to have a steady ritual of learning and manifesting practices. Without those rituals, you are only skimming the surface of the attraction process. Posting pictures or written mantras around your home is merely goal setting. Your mind sees those pictures and you are reminded of what you want to attract, but it is the rituals that allow the law of attraction to help you in manifesting what you want faster.

Rituals Connect You to Your Source

Rituals are the double edge sword of life. At their core, they are simply small things that we do repetitively to create a habit. Getting up early to have breakfast before work is a habit and a ritual. Likewise, standing in front of a mirror and picking yourself apart for physical and mental things about yourself, that you dont like, is another kind of ritual. At its core, a ritual is harmless. It all depends on the action and intent behind it. 

As you go about your day you continue to activate the Laws of Attraction and what you get is more and more of what you are already living. Have you ever noticed that few people ever really change their lives? Few people ever really manifest true abundance in their lives because they hold on to a ritual that has not changed. The law of attraction is a powerful tool. Use it with the correct rituals and you can have an outstanding life of abundance, ignore it and your life will be a repeat of what you are now experiencing.

When you use a good ritual with the Laws of Attraction you begin to move mountains and manifest what you desire a whole lot faster than you could ever have imagined. With each practice of the ritual you become a more powerful manifesting magnet. What you can do comes easily and faster again and again.The ritual trains you and connects you to the creative source that is necessary to manifestation.

The Mind is Like a Weapon

The human mind is like a weapon and without proper training it can be used against yourself. This is where rituals help in training the mind so that you can best use the Laws of Attraction to gain success.

You may wonder how the mind can be a weapon against you but the truth is that we harm and hurt ourselves far more than others do. There is a popular reality TV show that talks about not letting your inner-saboteur get the better of you. All too often we hear that inner voice telling us we aren’t good enough or that we wont succeed in what we are trying to do. This can be built off of years of emotional and mental abuse. But it is us that continues to feed it and allow it to grow. Learning to acknowledge that we have those feelings but not letting us control us from doing what it is we want to do is an essential part in learning how to recondition our thoughts. This is not to say that this is an easy battle, it takes time and dedication to make the change. But even one time of positive talk to yourself is helpful.

To fully succeed with the law of attraction you need to learn the secrets of the inner mind and how to tame the mind to bring you what you desire to manifest in your life. Every spiritual teacher who understands the Laws of Attraction teaches the necessity of learning the power of the inner mind. Laws of Attraction without the training of the mind is quite wasteful. It is like having a box of matches, but never knowing what fire is or how to use it.

There is Value in Ancient Practices

Many laws of attraction teachings may seem esoteric for most people, but really there is nothing magical or other worldly about them if you take the time to understand the science behind them. Many of these practices actually make the laws of attraction a lot easier to apply and your success rate even more outstanding.

If you have always done what you have been doing chances are, you will always attract what you have been attracting. However, if you learn to dive into the unknown you can begin to manifest greater results. The mind is the kingdom to manifest and the law of attraction follows the mind.

Take the first step and change one negative part of your daily ritual to a more positive one. 

Four Things You Gain from Studying the Laws of Attraction

As you study the Law of Attraction, you will learn that all sorts unseen and unknown abilities can be discovered and attracted into your life, such as:

  1. Remote viewing. You can know what happens at distant locations from where you are. Most of us think we are only stuck to this physical body we’ve been nurturing along all these years. But one of the key principles you will learn is that “There are no limits.” We are all connected. This is a holistic view of interpreting this world and our immediate (and longer-range) environment.
  1.  Shape-shifting. Traditions hold that shamans were able to assume the shape of any animal (or plant) to gain information. However, this is a more common ability than generally thought. Ever sat in your car and something “didn’t feel right”? And then you found something was out of order, or someone had changed something in or about that car. Generally, this is because you tend to extend yourself into your car (or whatever you drive) in order to operate it. Similarly, you can “know” something is different about your pet. It takes familiarity. Familiarity and intuition are linked – but certain people with “tele-sensory” talents might be able to get information others were missing. 
  1.  Lucid dreaming. The fact, observed by many, is that we dream constantly. Just put your mind in idle and you start to see this – it’s called day dreaming by some. When we “sleep” at night, we are really surrendering to this dreaming completely. Some think they don’t dream, but if you lay still upon waking and try to remember what you were just thinking about, you’ll find some interesting dreams you’d been having. In lucid dreaming, you can exert some control over what you are dreaming – in that dream world you inhabit for that little while. In this dream state, things can symbolize other things. 
  1. Trusted communication. As we are all connected, we can influence others around us, within the limits of treating them as we would like to be treated. The Golden Rule is inexorable, you can’t fake this one. But you can work at communicating with people so that they recieve your thoughts accurately and know what you intend and what you would like for them to do. 

Putting it all together

There are many more advanced abilities people can discover. By learning to enact and/or reshape the rituals we already have in place, we can start to see some of these abilities manifest in our lives. Let me know in the comments below about your positive rituals or how you have changed something in your life to better manifest with the Laws of Attraction. If you feel differently about anything presented here, let me know in the comments as well. We all grow more when we share ideas and heed the comments that may come from that sharing. 

Have fun with this. Feel good.


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