Five Creepy Switch Games

Today I want to share with you 5 Creepy Nintendo Switch games that you can get your horror on with.

If you have read my blog for any length of time or caught my short-lived (just on hold) YouTube channel, you know that I am a gamer. My favorite platform is actually the Nintendo Switch. That is an odd thing for me to say as the only other Nintendo consoles I have owned were the OG Nintendo Entertainment System, a GameBoy, and a 3DS XL. Regardless, this little handheld/console is my favorite because the games made for its are just fun, plain and simple.

I also love horror movies, stories, and books, so it is always awesome when I can combine those two loves together. Today I want to share with you 5 Creepy Nintendo Switch games that you can get your horror on with. These games are in no particular order, so sit back, dim the lights, and grab your Switch for some gruesome gaming, well not really gruesome.

Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without A Pulse

Before I even get started with the game, I have to mention that this gem comes from Aspyr studios. Aspyr is known for some amazing games, especially in the Star Wars genre. When I saw this game on the Switch store, I had to pick it up.

Stubb the Zombie was released on Xbox on October 18th, 2005 and it would take 16 years for it to be released to the Switch. In this third person action game, you play as Edward “Stubbs”Stubblefield. You are a traveling salesman in the Depression era and madly in love with your girl, Maggie Monday. Your happiness is brought to an end when Maggie’s father kills you and dubs your body in the wilderness. As the game opens you wake up in Punchbowl, in the 1950s, a city that has entered into the future. You have flying cars, robots, and future tech, to name a few things. And you are alive, well sort of. You are Stubbs the Zombie.

Your new life starts in Punchbowl, a town that was founded by the son of your long lost flame. She remarried after your death and her new husband has created this posh futuristic 50’s style town. As your story progresses in Stubbs the Zombie, you learn the fate of your ex-flame and that has transpired since your passing. And just like any ol’ M. Night Shyamalan flick, there is a twist. 

The entire game is set around you killing humans and eating your brains. The more people’s brains you eat, the larger your zombie army becomes. Swarm the humans and create Punchbowl in your own image, well except for pursuing your ex flame, Maggie.

The Wardrobe

Imagine that you and your best friend went on a picnic on a warm summer day. You are enjoying the blue skies and nice weather, you both are sharing  an amazing lunch. Suddenly, you eat a plum, only after you eat it do you realize that you are, in fact, allergic to them. You go into anaphylactic shock and die. Your best friend freaks out and runs away from you as you draw your last breath. Sounds pretty scary and grim, right? Well, that is the opening sequence to this ghastly game called The Wardrobe.

In this game, you wake up after you have been dead for a few years. Your reason for coming back to Earth is to forgive your best friend so he doesn’t go to hell. Instead, you find out that he has moved and you now have to find him to save him before the day is over.

This game is a cute puzzle game that is more stylized as a point and click game. You interact with your environment by clicking on various objects to find out what they do and progress to the next scene. You will pick up items, as you go, that will be used in some way to get through the puzzle that is each level.

The game is not overly complicated, its is more time consuming as you move back and forth between various stages of the levels trying to solve it. You will click through dialog with various characters and see what you can manipulate in the game to progress. This game feels to be better suited on a mobile platform, like a cell phone, instead of the Nintendo Switch. The good news is you can play this in handheld mode to give you the same feel as playing it on a more mobile device.

Will you be able to save your best friend before it’s too late? Log on to the Nintendo store and get it today and I see if you can save your best friend.

Limbo & Inside

You get two games for the price of one review with Limbo and Inside. These two games are made by the same company and since both are relatively short, why not get them both. The good news is they are often on sale and can be purchased for $10 (together) pretty often.

Each game offers varying obstacles to face. You will run, jump, and use various physics based controls to progress through these dark and bleak worlds. 

if you have played Little Nightmares, then these two are right up your graveyard. Neither game is overly complicated but offers just enough obstacles to keep you mildly frustrated  with trying to survive. Each game is probably right around the four hour mark, so grab both and you have your Saturday night all planned out for you. If you have played them, let me know what you thought about them in the comments below. 

World War Z

If you like squad based survival games, then this one’s for you. World War Z is set in the same universe as the movie starring Brad Pitt. You can choose characters based on specific skill sets like snipers or demolitions. There are four unique characters to play and each has weapons you can customize. 

The game offers online play in a battle royals style or you can follow the campaign mission, if you prefer a more relaxed play style. I have not tired the online version so I cannot speak to what that gameplay is like.

The campaign missions are short and take place in various locations from the movie. The first one is in New York where you start out on top of a building and your mission is to get out of New York alive. You have to use a combination of stealth, well planned diversions, and choke points to get through each one. The character you choose can offer different strategies in how you survive.

If you are a zombie fan or you enjoyed the movie World War Z, then you should check this game out. If you are a fan of survival based games, then this one is a must for your catalog. Best part is that it plays relatively well in docked mode, minus some rendering issues. Grab your pro controller, some snacks, dim the lights, and turn up the volume as you try to survive World War Z.

GhostBusters Remastered

Being a fan of the original movie, this game was an absolute must. I will say that I initially played it on Xbox, so when I saw that it was released to Switch, there was no way I was going to miss out on picking it up for my collection.

Fun fact, the video game is intended to be the third installment of the Ghostbuster franchise. This was before they added the travesty of a movie starring Melissa McCarthy. I am sure I may get a few negative comments on that remark. That being said, this game offers the charm and wit of the movie while keeping it light and campy.

Ghostbusters offers a cast of characters you may be familiar with, I’m looking at you Slimer and Stay Puft Marshmallow man, but it also includes a lot of new ones. You go to various places throughout New York City catching ghosts before the city is overrun. You see some iconic scenes from the movie redone for the game. I won’t spoil any of them for you.

My biggest fear was how this would look on the Switch. Sure, you can argue that this game is old enough that the graphics shouldn’t be an issue, but we are all familiar with the limitations the Switch sometimes has. Especially when it comes to frame rate in scenes with a lot going on visually. This game did not bog down like so many I have played, Pokemon Legends Arceus comes to mind.

Whether you have seen, like the franchise, or simply want to bust some ghosts, then this game is an absolute must have for your spooky collection. 

Spooky round up

There you have it, my top 5 Creepy games on Nintendo Switch. They may not be the darkest of games but they offer fun game play that will keep you interested through the entire witching hour. Be sure to grab them and let me know what you think of them. Gruesome gaming, ghouls and gals.

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