Top Ten 80s Christmas Songs

Okay, you are probably wondering why I am doing a Top Ten list of Christmas songs when I have stated that I am not a real Christmas person. It’s simply my friends, I absolutely love 80s music and it seems that pop stars of the 80s were much better at doing Christmas songs then any time after that. If you don’t agree, let me know in my comments which era you think did it better. Keep in mind, I am not including any that were not sung by pop stars of the 80s, mainly because they are much easier to recognize.

The 80’s was the last decade that I had any real childlike wonder about Christmas and is probably also why I have an attachment to Christmas songs from that time. But like I said above, I think musicians from the 80s seemed to have done it better than anyone. Take for example…

Merry Christmas Baby

10. Merry Christmas Baby – Bruce Springsteen. There are very few 80’s playlists that are complete without at least one Bruce Springsteen song and my 80s Christmas playlist has this one by the Boss. I am not a huge fan of Springsteen, but his Christmas songs are on a different level. The bluesy sound of his voice combined with organs, pianos, sax, and strings is almost heavenly. This one just exudes love and holiday spirit more than his cover of Santa Claus is coming to town. Others have did it before Bruce, but this is my favorite cover.

Fairytale of New York

9. Fairytale of New York – the Pogues. Many people have a love of Auld Lang Syne for the holiday, for me it is this song. Maybe its my Scottish/Irish heritage or the soulful twangs of the lyrics. Sure you can argue that it a weird turn of a Christmas song, but what good Irish drinking song isn’t a bit off. Grab a pint, sit back and just enjoy what can be classified as a stereotypical Irish Pub song about life.

Sleigh Ride

8. Sleigh Ride – Air Supply. Another staple of 80s music, Air Supply. Pop sound with ballad style lyrics, they did a great many love songs. Add that to one of my all time favorite Christmas songs. This was the one song in high school choir I looked forward to singing. The early 80s electronic sound is an amazing accompaniment for this song.

Run Run Rudolph

7. Run Run Rudolph – Bryan Adams. There are so many versions of this song and each one is simply cool. There is something about blues rock that just elevates Christmas music. I am trying to avoid mentioning that it is Bryan Adams, but his voice is awesome on this cover. And it pitches Rudolph as a savior for Christmas but without doing the usual Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer. Grab a seat next to your tree and enjoy it.

Last Christmas

6. Last Christmas – Wham. It will surprise a few to know that I am a George Michael fan and I do miss him and his time in Wham!. Granted, it is another song similar to Fairytale in New York, that has a tinge of sadness to it. But, it is more about realizing that you made a mistake in the person you chose, you want to move on, but you are afraid that the look they give you will have you running right back, While holidays are filled with excitement and cheer, it also can carry with it feelings of loneliness and loss. For me it holds a tad bit more meaning since George Michael died on Christmas Day 2016.

Winter Wonderland

5. Winter Wonderland – Eurythmics. Another one of my favorite Christmas songs, but better because Annie Lennox is rocking the vocals. This woman made my 80s music choices fun. Just a touch of electronic music and soft wintery wonderland suaveness. I dare you to find one single thing wrong with this song. Watch the video to add to the fun of the season.

Christmas in Hollis

4. Christmas in Hollis – Run-D.M.C. This one song has the distinction to be the very first rap song to talk about holidays. And Run D.M.C is the perfect group to have dropped this track. Add to that fact that it is included in the soundtrack for my all time favorite Christmas movie, Die Hard, it becomes amazingly more awesome. And this is another one where the video just adds to the excellence of the song.

Merry Christmas (I don’t want to fight tonight)

3. Merry Christmas – the Ramones. The Ramones is another favorite group of mine and one of the first groups that got me into the punk scene, Joey Ramona has such a distinct voice that really works for his music and this song is distinctly the Ramones style. And why can’t the punk scene have Christmas songs. Actually, there are a lot of Christmas punk songs. But cut your teeth on this one first.

Thank God It’s Christmas

2. Thank God It’s Christmas – Queen. How can I not have a Queen Christmas song on my list. Freddie Mercury’s voice is one in a million and when he does soulful lyrics, it can’t be beat. Honestly, if Freddie has sang more Christmas songs I might actually be more of a Christmas person today. Hope you enjoy this song.

Christmas Wrapping

1.Christmas Wrapping – the Waitresses. Of all of the songs on this list, this is one that I still listen to, after all of these years. It also happens to be one of  Karl’s, my boyfriend, favorite holiday songs. To me it captures how most of us feel during this hectic time of year. We are so busy with doing the holiday stuff that we often forget the small details and then out of nowhere, those small details catch up to us and remind us just how beautiful this time of year can be. That is what Karl does for me with all of his holiday cheer and why this song sits perfectly at my number one spot.

Well there you have it, my Top Ten 80s Christmas songs. I have put them into a playlist on Spotify and, if any of you are game, head on over to the playlist and add your favorite 80s Christmas song. I would love to organically grow a holiday playlist that is driven by you guys, as much as it is me. So please click on the link, An 80s Christmas, and add a few and even enjoy these songs whenever you need a holiday pick me up. Let me know what you think about these songs in the comments below and if you don’t have Spotify (gasps) let me know what songs you love and think I need to add.

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