Asian Lantern Festival 2020

For the past three years we have made it a thing to visit the Asian Lantern Festival at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Each year the adjust their theme, while still incorporating the traditional elements. Now, I am not too ashamed to admit that the theme is usually lost on me. This year was supposedly something to do with dinosaurs, but most of what I saw was just awesome sculpture lanterns.

Corona didn’t affect the turn out for the festival. The only real changes this year was that you bought tickets for time slots and they limited the number of people in the Zoo to right about 150. With all that it was still another amazing spectacle. So, on to the photos.

These were from the Zoo’s main entrance.

Flowers and Plants

Mythical Beasts

Some of the more amazing animal sculpture.

Some various lanterns.

IF you have never been to any of the Asian Lantern Festivals, I fully endorse you going. This one is still running till October 3rd, so get on the website and your tickets now. I mean right now, close this browser and log onto Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and buy yo’ damn tickets. Thank you and good night.

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