Disappearing Art

It’s no secret that I love the graffiti around Cleveland. There are truly some amazing artists expressing their talent in a city that seems to be stuck in place amidst its changes. The more it grows, the quicker these pieces of art are lost to time. So many of them are unseen by most and that is a shame. In this post I am sharing two of my favorite places in the area, that are still standing, that always has some amazing artwork. This is a way of cataloging their talent and pieces and hopefully finding others who appreciate the beauty of them as well.

Here is the first place.

And here are some examples of the artwork found within.

And a few odds and ends.

Here is the second place. This is one that is quite popular among photographer and videographers, alike, in Cleveland. It has been a site for music videos, photo shoots, and some of the coolest graffiti. The latter is never permanent and changes as new artists come on the scene, so it is always cool to be able to document it before it vanishes to the next whims.

And for some of the artwork contained therein.

On this occasion I had the pleasure of introducing these places to my boyfriend, sharing my love of photography and urban exploration. If you have places in Cleveland, or wherever you are from, that you have enjoyed takings pics of, please comment below and share your pics. I would love to see them.


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