How Do I Deal With My Body Hair?

Since today is Friday and Corona still has us all on lock down, I thought I would take a lighter approach today. This is a topic that always causes me some distress, whether it is how I deal with it personally or how I see others deal. So, let us take a look at a topic that most of us can benefit from. How do I deal with my body hair? 

 To start with, first off no one should tell you if you need to change your body hair. How you change your personal style ultimately is your own choice. As a community, we should be pushing body positivity more than anything and both teaching and reaffirming that our individual bodies are beautiful and perfect how they are. Having given my person PSA, let’s move on.


 Body hair is defined as any hair type that grows on a person’s body. Leg hair, arm/armpit hair, chest/back hair, facial hair, and pubic hair. Should you shave it or be natural? That is a good question and we need to know that each of these require different forms of maintenance, due to the differences in hair type, density, and location on the body. For the sake of this article, we are focusing on the hair that falls below the neckline, so body, hair. 

 According to Manscaped,  manscaping (men trimming or styling body hair) probably started in ancient Egypt and is suggested that they took inspiration from Alexander the Great and his soldiers. They typically kept they hair and beards short so they could not be grabbed in battle. By the time of the Civil War in America, men were sporting burly beards and mutton chops. Only can only look around the last couple years to see that has made a resurgence with Hipsters. By WWI, that was a by gone fashion. Again, war wrapped the world in a pox infested blanket. Men were sleeping in close quarters with others and facial, or even body, hair could cause outbreaks of lice. Beards were not conducive for creating a tight seal wearing gas masks. That has become a point of contention with our current start of the world, as well.


The 60s brought men into open shirts exposing burly chests and often led men to shaving their chest for effect. As the 70s moved forward, men decided not to tame the wild beast and return to beards, body hair, and bushes. This trend moved through the 80s and wasn’t until mid-90s that men started looking at body image again. Currently, men were taking cues from women and starting to get Brazilian style pubic manicures and again chest hair was on its way out. If you kept your chest hair, you opted for it being trimmed and groomed. From the 90s into the 2000s, men preferred the be smoother. Thankfully, now we seem to be moving back to a time where body hair is making its way back to popularity, with proper maintenance.


This is where I see a lot of problems. Men, trying to be men, often opt for trying to maintain their body hair themselves. Sure, this is a money saver and can keep embarrassment at having someone else maintain your grounds, but one must also remember that it is not as easily as simple as shaving your face. I have seen enough pubes where men opt for the Hitler dick, a small patch of hair just above the base of their member, or what I call the ring worm save. That one essentially is a guy who shaves an arc just above the base of their member and leaves pubic hair above that line. Or worse, guys who are hairy and only shave the pubic area and leave hair everywhere else. 


 Shaving offers its own unique challenges, especially in the more sensitive areas. Make sure you always use a sharp razor and pull the skin tight to ensure a good close shave. A caveat, shave can also lead to ingrown hairs and can also cause skin irritation, which is totally not attractive. If you are set on shaving or trimming remember to do it in stages, especially if you have never done it before. By that I mean to use a good pair of electric trimmers and take a little off at a time. This will allow you to see the changes as you go and stop before you make a mistake that cannot be corrected. If you are going for the smooth look, trimming first helps prevent the possibilities of nicks and cuts. Getting those in your more sensitive area is definitely no fun to deal with.


Remember, ultimately it is your decision on how you deal with your body hair. No one should push you to make that decision if you are not fully on board with it. Times change and so do trends. What is popular now will be entirely different in a year or two. If you decide to do something, just trim it up and keep its well-groomed. It is your body, you have to live in it, so you have to love it, as well. 

You can also check out my YouTube channel at GayintheCLE think of it as a companion to my blog. Let me know what you think.


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