Be Curious, Not Judgemental

With Coronavirus having us on lock down, I truly miss getting out to take pictures. The weather has been nice enough some explorations, but I havent been motivated. Today, I felt it would be nice to reflect back on some of my favorites places in the city and drag us out of our quarantine blues. Here is what I love about Cleveland and its amazing photography sites. Yes there is a lot of graffiti pics, but there is also so much more. Enjoy

LGBTQ Community

Graffiti Musings


Mentor Headlands


These are just some of the many reasons that I love the Cleveland area. Please comment below if you have thoughts on the pictures or like the post. Subscribe so you can stay on top of new content as it comes out. Also check me out on YouTube, its just getting started but remember to subscribe to it to keep up with new content. Also check me out on Twitter @ruralgaypagan . Thank each of you for taking the time to follow and check out my blog.

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