Apocalypse Couture

person in yellow protective suit meditating
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

**Please take this with the sarcasm and humor intended**

If you have been watching the news, you see that we are quickly moving to a time of wide scale shutdowns of states. Preventing movement, unless essential. Its feeling like an apocalypse out there, are you dressed for it? Let’s take a look at the fashion you should be wearing in this time. If you have ever played video games like Borderlands or watched movies like Mad Max, Matrix, Ghost in the Shell, and the various others, you already have some idea of how this couture will play out. Today we will be looking at some of those fashions. Anyone can dress in boring style apocalypse clothing; you should be different.


First rule of apocalypse couture is layers, after all you never know what the weather may be like or where you are forced to bed down for the night. Layers help protect you for those unsure situations. Next, one needs to consider functionality. Hoods are important for keeping your head dry and covered from radioactive sunlight. And I cannot stress enough that pockets are mandatory, you need to carry everything you can to be self-sufficient and sometimes a backpack is hard to get to.


Speaking of not knowing what’s in store. Masks are a must, after in the apocalypse you don’t know if there is a contagion in the air or just a shit ton of dust. Make sure you have a good filter on your mask and one that is rated for keeping out viruses.

Bags are also an essential item; how else will you carry all of the goodies you find on your post-apocalyptic adventures? You also need to carry water and carrying that by hand prevents you from being able to do anything else. Bags come in all shapes and sizes, make sure you choose what best fits your overall look.


Just remember that because it’s the apocalypse doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about being fashion forward. After all you need to make the other survivors jealous of your ensemble. So, take some inspiration from these pics from Mad Max and Tank Girl. The apocalypse may suck, but that is no reason you cannot look good while surviving.

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