Laughter is Good Medicine

The current state of affairs seems dire, I get that. We are watching the new daily and seeing all that is going on around us, the feeling of the world imploding, and a general lack of care from those that are in power. It is a lot to take in and can spiral us into a manic mode. We need to unplug, a moment to reset our internal selved. We need a little levity in the large doses of darkness we have been subjected to. That’s why today I won’t be talking about politics, activism, or even the Coronavirus. We all need a bit of a break from it all. 


First, I want to start with Leah Delaria. I was introduced to her back in the 90s. She is in your face, blunt, and dyke forward.She is unabashed in her usage of vagina related humor. Enjoy this clip.



My next choice is Margaret Cho. I first saw her in college in the 90s. Her openness to the LGBTQ community is amazing and she has been a strong accomplice for us since her beginning.



Carmen Esposito is another unabashed Lesbian comedian. She has similarities to Leah Delaria. Check out her stand up bit, This Outfit is for Attracting Women.



Next we have Ant, Anthony Steven Kalloniatis. He is an openly gay comedian. Check out this collection of his comedy.



Kevin Allison, creater of the podcast Risk! ( Allison’s comedy style is unfiltered and even went so far as to create his own podcast to be able to have a place for his brand of comedy. Check out his link above and also this clip.



Just remember, we may be in a state of tense moments but you also have to take care of yourself. Unplug from the barrage of information we are constantly being given. Take some time to unwind and have a laugh or two. We need to keep our sanity in the situations we are dealing with. 


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