LGBTQ Streamers

With today being Friday, I thought I would go for a lighter note. Since we have become a society for consuming data in various forms, I thought we should take a minute and recognize some of the LGBTQ content streamers that are out there. There are so many to name, so I will keep the list at about ten and try to cover as many types as I can. Its always nice to support members of our community when we are looking for content, be it gaming, fashion, advice, comedy, or whatever else. So let’s take a look at a few of them, shall we?

Doug Armstrong is a charming English male who identifies as gay.  Doug is kind of a jack of all trades YouTuber, he sings, talks about LGBTQ issues, coming out, cooking, travel, and he does life hack videos. He has amazing eyes and an accent to keep you entranced. Check out his page and scroll through his offerings. For now check this video out.

I stumbled onto Zoie Fenty while researching people for this post. He is an American YouTuber that was also on MTV’s Wild ‘n Out. He is funny as hell and his videos are all over the place. He even has one to help settle the debate on which is better, Chick-fil-a or Popeye’s chicken. *If you said Chick-fil-a then you need your gay card rejected* Some of his most hilarious videos are him using the Monkey app. If you aren’t in the know Monkey app is a video version of snap chat. His goal is to get people to interact with him, if they dont he responds in kind. Sit back and check out this video .

Jade Fox offers a different spin on every day life topics, she does it with comedic sketches that she produces. Her expressions are what makes the videos. She has such a natural appeal about her that almost makes it feel like you are hanging with a bestie and just having fun. Check out one of her videos below.

Bria and Chrissey sing and dance in a lot of their streaming content. They also touch on coming out stories, They also produce comedy skits and do LGBTQ awareness videos. Check out this video.

Tanya DePass is one I stumbled on to Tanya when I was researching my gaming article a year back, I think. She created her own company, is an avid gamer, and also does table top gaming. She is opinionated and passionate. Check her out on Twitter, YouTube, and anywhere else she has a presence. 

Shane Dawson is another American YouTuber who creates content that straddles so many areas. He talks about the struggles he has went through with accepting his sexuality. Most of his videos are comedic sketches with reoccurring roles. Check out this video.

Rilen Taylor has a channel that talks about mental health and transgender issues. Rilen keeps it real and is masculine presenting trans and also gender fluid. Rilen doesn’t pull punches in the content that’s posted. Rilen keeps it real and while they do talk about mental illness and trans issues, they do it in a way that is engaging and endearing. 

Gabrielle Diana  is a trans gender teen from Canada. She is also the CEO of Into Full Bloom, a musician, and an  activist. Her channel primarily documents her transition as well as the passion of her life. She does a great job of treating her viewers like close friends. Her excitement for becoming the person she is, is amazing. I really enjoy watching and listening to her.

With the large amount of LGBTQ streamers out there, there is definitely content that you can eat for days. So get out there and support out community and check out those pages. Let me know if you have any streamers that you watch all the time, I’m always looking for new content to follow.

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