Manic Music Monday

I think it is important to be mindful of our LGBTQ community in all its aspects. In the past I have done a few posts on Queer music and feel it might be time to add to that list, again. I have touched on dance, pop, and even punk, I think with this we are going to dive a little deeper into the corners of the music industry that may not always be as accessible to us, as a whole. So, grab your headphone or crank up your volume and enjoy some music from community.

My Gay Banjo is a folk/country who sing homespun gay themed duets with the occasional queer mashup. They say that they play songs for you and your kind. They use guitars, ukulele, banjos and vocals to create their music and I have to say it is a bit reminiscent of music I grew up listening to as a kid, albeit a lot less gay. They provide a much-needed space of music for those of us who prefer the more rural sounds of life, who prefer a country-esque sound to their tastes. I prefer to drop you into their stylings with their self-titled song off of their debut album Limp Wrist & A Steady Hand. I hope you enjoy this submission and check out more of their awesome songs.

Keeping with the folk theme, here is Sam Gleaves. He is from Wythe Country, Virginia. This one holds a bit more special place for me since he is near my hometown. His song Two Virginia Boys really reminds me of my childhood. There were a few guys that I crushed on as a kid that I only wished we could have held hands and just been kids. His music allows me to view those days through rose colored glasses. Have a listen and see how it feels for you.

Moving away from country and blue grass music, we come back to a pop genre with Kim David Smith. He is pinned as a cabaret style performer who is known for electropop. His voice and music style reminds me a lot of Paul Lekakis from the late 80s. His videos definitely offer up lots of eye candy. Here is Jealous.

Rituals of Mine comes in next and are described as indie pop/down tempo R&B. They started as a two person group and was formally known as Sister Crayon. For me they sound like a grown up version of Billie Eilish, whom I do like quite a bit. Terra Lopez is the front person for this group and has collaborated with groups like The Glitch Mob and Tricky. Her vocal stylings are amazing and combined with their electropop style its simply amazing. Check out her stunning video Devoted.

This band has opened for One Direction and Harry Styles, MUNA is a pop band that leanings to what some call Depeche Mode like. While they only have two albums out, the sounds and growth between the two is immense. With their second album, they have truly seemed to come into their own. Their first album About U brought us Crying on the Bathroom Floor and Winterbreak, with their second album Saves The World, we get It’s Gonna Be Okay, Baby and Pink Light. The differences are amazing, Saves The World shows the depths from which they have grown. They say this album shows the failures they have made to get where they are and how it drove them to grow. With that, check out Crying on the Bathroom Floor and Its Going to be Okay, Baby.

I love a good punk band and my heart beats fast for a good dance song, so why not combine both with Wasi? This dance punk group is made up of queers and immigrants who give you garage band styles to create an inclusive atmosphere in a genre-less movement. In an era where many of our youth feel they aren’t being heard; they offer solace in letting them know they aren’t alone in their fight. Their songs speak to love, liberation, and questioning the status quo. Check out Pussy Grabs Back.

 Lower Dens offers up the non-binary vocalist Jana Hunter. She is born and raised in Baltimore and speaks out on political and social issues. With the bands sound and her vocals, you get a cross between The Cure and Annie Lennox. For a real good The Cure feel, check out To Die in L.A.

One thing I truly like is a bad ass female front for a band. Take Martina Aexn from Snake River Conspiracy, kaRIN from Collide, and Chibi from the Birthday Massacre (only because there are too many to list), here is Katie Stelmanis and Austra. Austra is a synth-pop band that takes its cues from operatic sounds and otherworldly influences. Just months after Trump was elected, they released their album Future Politics. This album was meant to inspire radical hope, a means to instill hope in the future and to show that everyone has to pitch in to change the dystopian future that seems to be on our horizon.

Music has such an impact on me and many of us. We often forget there is a world of it out there for us to be a part of. So many times, we stay in the lanes of what we have known that we forget to expand our horizons. I am thankful to have a guy in my life who shows me so much more in the music than I have experienced in a long time. Taking cues from him, I try to expand my tastes and in turn I like sharing new things that I find. I hope that some of these may have struck a chord with you somewhere. If so, let me know in the comments.

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