Glam Gore Queens


I wanted to get my blog back to the original vision I had for it, reviewing LGBTQ culture/community/venues/places in the CLE. Last night, my friends and I ventured to Coventry to check out the Grog Shop and watch Glam Gore, hosted by Anhedonia Delight. This is my first time at both Glam Gore and the Grog Shop. My friends and I really like Anhedonia and rarely miss her shows as All Axs, so it was nice to check her out in a new venue. Anhedonia coins this show as alternative drag, a place where horror and the obscure can be mixed to create a different production. However, Thursday, January 23rd was the Roaring Hunties and a much more subdued show. If you aren’t familiar with the Grog Shop (, it is a bar at the end of historic Coventry, just up from City Buddha. They play host many bands, this will be where we check out The Birthday Massacre in April. If you haven’t been, hit their website and check out some of the shows. Just to drop a hint, Pussy Riot will be there in March.

Anhedonia Delight is the hostess of Glam Gore and it shows every month at the Grog Shop. Anhedonia always puts on a show of wonder, elaborate costumes, impressive numbers that speak to many levels, and an intense amount of energy that envelops the entire audience. Her quirky personality ties you up in her performance and leaves you begging to see where it goes. Her costumes last new drew inspiration from the 1920s and the Ziegfeld Follies, and the are on point as always. She is always engaging the audience to bring them further into her world. You can find her on social media @TheAnhedonia on Twitter, @AnhedoniaDelight on Insta, and on her YouTube channel Anhedonia Delight. 

Mama Jera was next to perform and she was one of two Columbus queens and, if I’m wrong I apologize, her first time at the Grog Shop as well. Her shows brought a mixture of the 20s with the 20s of today, and fashion that gave you upscale flapper girl realness. Each number she performed as a mashup of songs that really matched her high energy output and kept the crowd engaged. She also hosts a show called Beautiful Garbage in Columbus. 

Sarah Tonin was the third spot in the show and the second queen from Columbus comes to us from the Akron area. In Columbus she was part of the Cult of Controversy. In the vein of queens who are shirking off old school drag in favor or performance and alternative styles of music, she is on the short list of some of the best. She always gives me a mixture of trendy 1960s flight attendant mixed with Emma Peel from the 1960s British spy show called The Avengers. She brings a Death Drop from out of nowhere that will leave you a gasp with shock and drops right back into her calm demeanor and dignified manner. If you can catch her in a show, be ready for an experience. Find her on Twitter @sarahtoninjpg and @sarahtonin.jpg

Cleveland’s tallest drag queen, Veranda L’Ni was the fourth cast member for this show and I have to say she is at the top of my short list of favorite drag queens in the area. Veranda brings style and class to drag queens and reminds me of ones I knew in my beginning club days in Virginia. She is at home doing a show tune as she is doing modern pop. Her costumes for this show were on fleek and truly a capture of both the Cabaret and the roaring 20s. You can find Veranda L’Ni hosting Drag Bingo at Music Box Supper Club or at the Alex Theater. You cant miss her, she is just shorter than Key Tower. Find her on Twitter @VerandaLNi and @veranda_lni on Insta.

Last cast member was a newcomer to drag and also her first show at the Grog Shop, Pineapple. She may be a bit green, but she put on a show as if she has been doing it for awhile. The small rough around the edges part add to her character. She never stopped giving the audience a little more of what they wanted. Even going so far as to spit blood in her second number. She is a queen I would like to watch come into her own, she will be an asset to the drag community. She was also the only trans queen on the cast. Be sure to follow her on Insta @camillathekilla.


As is with almost all drag shows, there is a point in which audience interaction comes into play and it is usually in the form of a birthday. This night was no different, what started out as one birthday embarrassment quickly devolved into a “Lip Sync For Your Life” between two girls and two guys. Once Anhedonia announced there would be a lip sync battle, the two girls exited the stage and left it to the boys. It was the battle of the Toms and it moved quickly form a lip sync to Ace of Base’s All That She Wants to a strip tease. Both guys were quickly to their boxers and attempting to put on a show for a raucous crowd. Anhedonia stepped in before it went any further and got the audience to vote for their favorite. Above in the pic you see the Tom on the right, was the winner.

For my first visit to the Grog Shop and first time seeing Glam Gore, I have to say it was an amazing event. I want to go back when they are doing a normal Glam Gore to see what it is really like. It has been one of the best shows I have seen since moving to Cleveland three years ago. Thank you, Anhedonia and cast of this Glam Gore, for putting on a great show.

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