Your Intuituion During Difficult Times

Being a seeker in your spiritual path can give you many rewards and blessings.

Being a seeker in your spiritual path can give you many rewards and blessings. What it cannot do is shield you for the normal highs and lows of being human, we all face challenging times. The good news is that we have tools to help us during these times and, with practice, they can be a great asset to us.

We have discussed the benefits of what your intuition can do and how to get started in using it. Today, we look a little deeper in how your intuition helps you in more challenging times and how best to utilize it.

We’re all made of stars

Your intuition is an immense gift that connects your physical self with your higher “spiritual” self. This connection allows your higher self to talk with your physical self. Using techniques like meditation, mindfulness, and the desire to better know yourself, you can develop a stronger, deeper connection.

Each of us was created with an innate inner wisdom to guide our lives. It is your inner gauge of truth and assists you in making important decisions in your life. Many call this natural gift many things; spiritual guidance, gut feeling, higher being, but whatever you call it, it is your intuition. 

Each of us connects to intuition in our own unique ways. Those with artistic or musical gifts may call upon their muse to inspire them with creative ideas. Those whose work involves great physical or mental endurance may connect with their inner wisdom by challenging themselves deeply to break through the barriers that usually stand between themselves and their inner gifts. Some of us may live very busy lives with little time to tune into our inner guidance, but our dreams serve as messengers to share with us the important information we may have tuned out in the midst of a busy day.

Intuition at work

Since childhood, you are taught to take a problem or situation and analyze it carefully before making a decision. You are taught to break it down and inspect each piece rationally and logically, especially in our professional lives. This has forced your intuition to be moved to help you make small decisions or emotional encounters. You come to trust it less because you feel it is there to help, correctly, with important matters. But, is this the best approach? Should you ignore it and deem is as some mysterious and unreliable parlor trick? What if you realized that it could help you make better decisions, especially in the more difficult times.

Your intuition can be a huge benefit in every aspect of your life, especially during more stressful or difficult times. In the situation where you are facing unanticipated challenges like the loss of a loved one or a severe illness. These situations cause intense emotions to rise up from deep within you. These are the times where things like logic and reason often fail you and leave you feeling lost and adrift, without anything to hold on to. 

It can be terrifying.

On the other hand, your intuition can be your compass, always pointing you toward the help you need to get through these difficult periods. When your mind prevents you from being overwhelmed, your inner voice is there to speak clearly to you and will keep talking as often as is necessary. Or until you pay attention. 

Your intuition doesn’t handle things like shock, grief, or the sadness that comes from a loss or suffering of a loved one very well. What it is good at is helping you to know when the right time to take a trip or making the best decision for the situation based on the facts at hand. In fact, you rely on your intuition daily and it helps you navigate situations, whether you realize it or not. 

The voice of help

The voice of help

Daily, you are accustomed to feeling in control of your life, suddenly something comes along that you simply cannot manage. It leaves you feeling frightened and on edge because the normal rules you use to navigate your life seem to not work. Have no fear, your intuition is always there, waiting in the wings. No matter the circumstances, your physical being is always connected to your higher self.

During these crises, or challenging times, your spiritual support system is activated. Your connection is strengthened and waiting to provide you the needed guidance. All you have to do is turn to it and listen, be open to the guidance it can offer. 

It can come in many forms. You may hear it as the little voice telling you something is or isn’t right. Maybe it’s the shiver that runs down your spine, warning you that something bad is about to happen. Maybe it comes to you when you are drawing or painting when you suddenly realize what you have put on paper or canvas has a direct correlation to events you are going through at this very moment. 

Regardless of how it comes to you, your intuition only has one purpose – to provide you with important information you need at that particular moment. You only have to listen.

But why do we become disconnected?

Tearing down the walls

Each of us has been training to discount our inner wisdom. We tune it out as imaginations because it doesn’t seem to come from a tangible source. After all, gut feelings don’t hold up to hard evidence, does it? It is more common to simply shut down the intuitive parts of yourself, only to tap into it when we are doing creative things. We see artists tap into that inner voice as their muse and, for the most part, we chalk it up to the crazy creative types. Now, when we want to reach out and connect with that voice, for whatever reason, we cannot seem to find the shining thread that would allow us to reconnect to that source. 

Remember this, no matter how disconnected you feel you are never cut off from that higher knowledge, it is always available to you. No matter how big the walls you built up over time are, it is there waiting for you to reach out. All of these blockings can be removed by persistence, focus, and desire. Using techniques like meditation and intention are the first lines to re-establish that connection.

You have, more than likely, been disconnected from your inner voice for a very long time and the process of reconnecting may bring up old emotions, thoughts, and memories that you, long ago, hid away from yourself. Maybe you were not ready to deal with them then, but time and reconnecting with your intuition can help you see new ways. During this time of reconnecting, it can be beneficial to participate in regular spiritual or emotional support to help stabilize your inner connection. Maybe you can do this through meditation or you may need to seek assistance from others. Whatever it is, it can help you stay on solid ground while rebuilding this long lost connection.

Remembering past emotions and memories can often be challenging, keep in mind that they are coming to the surface to be healed and released, not harm you. Focus on the fact that these feelings no longer have control over you, that is why they are in the past. Even better, a strong support system can help keep you rooted in the strength of your inner being and allow these feelings to pass through you and to be released from your mind, body, and soul. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help if it feels overwhelming. Always remember that their time of influence is long gone, it is now only a movie on repeat in your mind. Reminding you of what happened without any real effect on your current life, unless you give it agency to do so.

Where to go from here

As you work through this healing process, your intuition and inner wisdom strengthen on their own. They become stronger because there are fewer barriers between them and you. This inner connection will provide you a long forgotten source of wisdom, freedom, empowerment, and comfort. During the more difficult times, it will provide you with greater capacities of love, joy, and peace. Your inner wisdom is a great gift and is intended to bless your life and all others. For some, this is considered a true connection to the divine. 

Have you worked to strengthen your connection with your inner wisdom? Or, are you just starting on your journey? Perhaps you have found other ways in which your intuition benefits you, in your life. Maybe you are unsure of this whole topic. Let me know in the comments below. Tell me what do you think of your inner wisdom, is it something you want to reinforce or is it some nu-age mumbo jumbo. Share your thoughts.


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