The Importance of Intuition

Each of us were created with this innate inner wisdom that can guide us.

As you look around the world today, you probably notice that we are heading down a darker path than we have been on in a while. We live in a time where the ability to hear Spirit’s voice speaking to us is getting smaller and smaller. This is the time where we should be fostering that voice and learning out to encourage it to speak louder.

The good news is that you have not wandered so far away that you cannot find your way back. All you really need is a desire to get back and give the needed time and attention to our inner voice, instead of rejecting it. Today, we will go a little deeper into  The Importance of The Intuition.

This little light of mine

Each of us was created with this innate inner wisdom that can guide us. It serves us as an inner meter for evaluating truths and often helps us make important decisions at the turning points in our lives. It is often called many things like spiritual guidance, gut feelings, or our inner voice. No matter what you call it, it is our intuition.

It comes to us in silence and in the presence of inspiration that seems to come from somewhere outside of us. Some of those intuitive perceptions are focused on the human plane and allow us insight into knowing someone so well that we can often anticipate their reactions or choices. Like finishing their sentences. It is the voice of understanding that translates the Divine truth, light and wisdom into things we can understand.

We, each, connect to it in our own unique ways. Artists or musicians may call upon the “muse” for the inspiration needed to create their works. Those that are more physical or even mental in their lives may use it through challenging themselves and their inner gifts. But many of us are left with lives so busy that we feel we don’t have time to think, so it is up to our dreams to provide us with that needed and often important information at a time when our mind is less cluttered.

The space between us

There doesn’t have to be a huge separation between humans and higher intuition levels. But for many, that space remains, a void that makes it harder to hear the words whispered to us from the depths of our being. So, how do we bridge this void? The mind and heart must be willing to work together and, at minimum, there needs to be the beginning of trust in your capacity to actually know. Intuition is the gift that connects our embodied physical self to our spiritual essence. This can be fostered through meditation, prayer, and a desire to know ourselves deeply.

What is amazing is that listening to your intuition doesn’t need to be taught, it only needs to be allowed. That may sound confusing but it is no more complicated that a flower following the path of the sun across the sky. All it takes is a simple step where you decide you are willing to know more truth, light, and wisdom as it applies to your life and those you love. We only need to ask to have obstacles removed from us that cloud our understanding and diminish our perceptions of truth.

It can be of huge benefit to our daily lives. It is our guiding compass, keeping us  moving instinctively towards the support we need to overcome the obstacles we face, it can be the safe harbor we seek in the dark time. When emotion takes us and spirals us outward into chaos, it is the guiding light back to understanding and acceptance. 

Bruised but not broken

Every day, there are people who ‘know’ things but don’t believe what their inner senses tell them. They reject what they feel or know to be true because it is not the accepted means of how people are supposed to act. With each choice to not listen, we further close the door to our higher perceptions. It strengthens its power of fear, fear of being wrong, or different, or of change. To fix this, we need to be willing to listen to that part of us and be more willing to trust it.

Admittedly, trust is hard to come by. As we sow distrust, it grows inside us and we doubt our own feelings and often opt for ways of distracting us from them. In order to start to course correct that, we need reo reevaluate how we have lived our lives up until the very moment. Maybe that mistrust comes from mistakes we have made in the past about who or what to trust. Each mistake made us question what we knew or why we didn’t see it sooner. So we leave that little voice behind thinking that reason will be a better guide.

Maybe we simply forgot that we have the capacity to feel or sense more and to live a more open life on all levels on a daily basis. It all comes down to trust, trust that we will receive something from another level of our being and that it isnt going to try to hurt us. It comes from believing in our own capacity to flow with life and to change what needs to be changed, when it needs.

Trust yourself

Everyday we are bombarded with thoughts, problems, and issues that try to teach us we cannot trust our innerselves. They teach us that those voices need to be controlled or ignored, many times offering medication to quiet that voice. Many would argue that this is a crucial time to recede inwards and relearn how to trust and listen to ourselves. If we don’t, we will lose our ability to question and leave us open to not know who or what to believe. We are left to the mercy of the cult of personality rather than our own personal truths.

Each of us, at some point, has struggled to make a decision or enter into some kind of commitment because we didn’t trust our own insight into the situation. Deep in our core, we know what is right for us, so why can’t we seem to trust it?

Perhaps it stems from placing trust in someone that hurt us deeply. Or maybe it was learned from our upbringing that we can’t trust our decisions because we don’t know what’s best for us. It can also come from not knowing who we really are, instead of who others tell us or makes us out to be. Or maybe it is as simple as we know what is right for us but we fail to honor it due to fear, peer pressure, or a belief we are not worth our own trust.

We all make decisions that do not turn out how we hoped for them. We see red flag after red flag but stay on course. Then there are other times we made the best decision we could with the information and guidance we had but it still backfired. We have to learn to not let those moments become the dominant reasoning for future choices. We need to learn to make ourselves often to trust our inner voice and the path it sets us on. Just because this event didn’t turn out how you wanted or planned doesn’t mean you cannot trust yourself in a future situation.

I want to break free

Trusting yourself is the most important step into loving yourself. No one knows you better than you do, all your darkest fears and brightest hopes are at your fingertips. What’s more, until you learn to fully trust yourself, you can never trust another. (Queue RuPaul and “If you cant love yourself…” moment)

Learn to start trusting yourself by making personal decisions based on what is most important and works best for you. Only use other people’s opinions if they are coming from your best interests and not theirs.Take a moment to pause and ask your inner self for guidance. If you are spiritual, asking your Higher Power through prayer and meditation for your truths to be revealed to you.

We can all begin this journey with a little prayer and meditation. You don’t have to be spiritual to use prayer, in fact prayer is nothing more than verbal affirmations of what you want or desire. It is a manifestation of intent through your inner voice. Don’t expect the change to be immediate, but it will happen with time, patience, and most important, practice.

Me, Myself, & I

Here is an experiment. Next time you are confused about any decision in front of you, pay attention to your gut-level reaction. Don’t rationalize it to talk yourself out of what you feel. Just let it wash over you and see how it turns out. Go a step further by journaling the times you paid attention to your intuition over the times you didn’t. What were the outcomes? Did your intuition serve you well? The more you practice trusting yourself the easier and stronger it will become. Remember it is okay to be wrong.It is better to trust yourself and be wrong that it is to not trust yourself in any way. After all, you have to live with yourself everyday.

Have you listened to your inner voice? Do you have trust in it? Let me know why you do or why you don’t in the comments below. What steps did you take to help foster that inner voice so it became more important to you? The lessons you have already learned may be the very ones someone close to you needs help with now. 

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