Quick Meditations For People On The Go

Even with our hectic lives there are ways in which we can incorporate meditation into it.

Our lives today are lived on the go and stress is a common ailment. Each of us deal with different kinds of stress daily and the effects it has on our bodies. Increased high blood pressure, lack of sleep, and cranky attitudes are just some of the responses our bodies react with, due to stress. Our doctors tell us we need to learn how to manage it all and many of them opt to treat it with medication. Those have their own problems, as well.

It shouldn’t surprise us that there are simpler and more holistic methods for treating stress. Meditation is one of those more holistic methods. Okay, you are probably saying that you dont have time to spend meditating each day, but is that true? Even with our hectic lives there are ways in which we can incorporate meditation into it. Previous articles have touched on how exercise or walking can be a form of mindful meditation. These help us in processing the stressors that affect us.

Today, we talk about Quick Meditation Tips For People On The move.

Basics of Meditation

Meditation is an ancient ritual that is perfect for individuals seeking a bit of peace, quiet, and inner reflection in their daily lives. However, many individuals erroneously believe they do not have the appropriate time to devote to meditation. This practice does not require a special room and hours upon hours of inner reflection to be done properly and receive the most results. In fact, meditation can be done in any quiet corner, including your living room, office, hotel room, or even on an airplane. In order to achieve the proper meditation in some of these places, you may need to practice certain techniques or bring along special devices that will block noise and ensure quiet for your designated meditation time.

Many of us want to meditate more than we do or simply want to start, but we always have an excuse. Then there are others who’s idea of meditation may be what prevents them from moving forward with the practice. There is a belief that it takes years of practice to become good at meditation or there needs to be special items to make it work, like pillows, incense, or music. Whatever your belief is, set it aside and remember that meditation is something that is for everyone – especially if you have a busy life. 

In our modern techno driven world, we have more ways and abilities to help us meditate than at any point in history. This helps make it more attainable for EVERY person. With all of these various types of meditation, there are varying benefits and it is your job to find which one works best for you. 

Benefits of Meditation

There is a lot of information, on the web, about meditation and that alone can be very daunting for beginners and most people. With the addition of technology, you can add apps to help you unwind, special lights that help create a mood, and even things like Apple Fitness that offer guided meditation. It’s a buffet of Meditation help. 

Taking some time to quiet the mind has many useful benefits for us. If you want a little insight on how easily it works, think about the old adage to take a deep breath and count to three if you are angry. This gives your mind a moment to pause from feeling threatened and angry and look at the situation differently. The act of counting while inhaling and exhaling forces you to focus on your breath which brings more oxygen into your body. This allows the blood to cool and your mind to detach from the situation. Most people note they feel better after taking that break,

Meditation can lead to you feeling a sense of calm, peace, and balance that can benefit your emotional well being, as well as your physical.

Removing judgment

Meditation gives us the ability to remove judgment from the situation. When we experience an event, our mind forms ideas about what we experience and those ideas become judgment on the situation. Depending on how strong they are, they can affect us very differently. You are probably wondering how you turn off judgment. The bad news is you really can’t, but you can tell those inner voices to keep on going. That inner-saboteur wants to be acknowledged by you. Giving it attention allows it to grow and become stronger. If you are meditating and that judgment comes up, simply acknowledge it, thank it for the reminder, and let it go to the next thought. That is the trick.

Judgment usually stems from a place of knowledge but when it comes to emotional things judgment often takes on the ideal of calamity or bad luck. We beat ourselves up for choices we made and our perception of how others perceive us. When those judge feelings enter into your meditation , try replacing the harsh words with those of curiosity. This allows you to look at the feelings/situations objectively and allows for you to be more compassionate towards yourself. 

Stress can force us to be more harsh in judging ourselves, this is when it is most important to allow yourself to look at things more objectively or without any kind of prejudice. Look at it from outside of yourself and see if the same stigmas are there. You might be surprised at how it changes. 

Consider joining a meditation group so that you can effectively learn the methods of meditation before you attempt to meditate in unusual surroundings. The techniques and methods you learn through an experienced meditation instructor will help you accomplish your own personal goals of meditation and inner exploration.

Meditation on the go

The most common excuse people use for not meditating is that they do not have time in their day to stop and be still for any length of time. If you make time to brush your teeth, then you have time to meditate. If you stop at a coffee shop on the way to work, home, or wherever, then you have time to meditate. Five minutes a day is enough for you to feel the benefits of mediation. Each and every time you stop and tap into that inner stillness, you return to the world still carrying that bit with you. That little bit can be enough to make your life feel easier and less stressful.

If you meditate, at all, then you may have dedicated spaces where you practice. These could be your bedroom, a dedicated room, or just your favorite spot on the couch. How do you take your practice with you when you are on the go?

Here are a few ways you can take mediation with you, in your busy life. 

Noise Canceling Headphones

When you are on the go, do not leave your meditation practices at home! Consider snapping up a pair of noise canceling headphones to block out noise as you travel or commute. This will allow you the greatest sense of peace and quiet so that you can continue with your meditation techniques. Bring along a special meditation soundtrack of familiar tunes which you can also use to block out unnecessary background noise.

Meditation Apps

Each of us, more than likely, carries a cell phone or tablet just about everywhere we go. These little gadgets give us the ability to use apps to keep connected to everything, even mediation. Insight Timer is a free app that offers many tools along with being a timer. It even has a large community of users that can offer support from around the world. It even includes guided meditations, if you need a little extra focus. There is also Calm, while many of its features are locked behind a paywall, there is still a large amount that you can take advantage of. 

Walking Meditation

At some point in your day, you are probably traveling on foot between destinations. Oftentimes, our mind is filled with all we need to do, prepping for where we are going, and the million other thoughts that course through our mind. However, walking is also a perfect time for meditation. To accomplish its usefulness, it allows you to use a more mindful approach. As you are walkingm you can coordinate your breaths with your foot falls, you can notice how your legs feel as they are moving back and forth taking you closer to your destination, or pay attention to your surroundings. This allows you to disconnect your inner monologue and focus your intention and thoughts bringing your a moment of relaxation. 


This meditation involves you reviewing your day or event from start to finish, just before falling asleep. It can be done in the mornings, with a bit of alteration. It is reported to help with relaxation and to help in developing awareness. Just before you fall asleep, sit upright in your bed, close your eyes and remember back to the moment you work up that day. Start reviewing every experience you had until the point you got into bed. Do not judge any of the experiences, just review them and move on to the next one. This only needs a couple of minutes to be completed.

Just breathe

The most simple and easiest to perform is last for a reason. The previous recommendations allow for items to help you focus, the truth is you carry with you all you need – you. We can exist if we don’t breathe, as mentioned above it can even help calm anger. Each breath is a gift and equals life. Breath does not exist in the past or the future, it only exists in the now. That gives us a grounding into the moment. Simply close your eyes and observe your breath. As you focus on it, you will notice that it will slow and deepen on its own. This doesn’t require any special breathing methods other than inhaling and exhaling. If you want to take it further, you can go on to learn more about breathing techniques. 

Meditation wrap up

Meditation can be an excellent way to unwind after a long day of traveling, so consider taking time to practice your techniques once you reach your destination. For individuals who are constantly calling hotel rooms home, it can be quite easy to miss your personal meditation space. For this reason, carry a small token or a few items with you on your travels to remind you of home. Consider bringing a favorite blanket, pillow, or mat to aid you in your meditation practices. Use scents to transport you to a more serene world. Aromatherapy has been used in conjunction with meditation for thousands of years. For individuals on the go, consider bringing along travel candles or a vial of essential oil that you can leave open to pervade the atmosphere.

Remember that you don’t need fancy gadgets or items to meditate, all you need is yourself and a bit of time. What practices mentioned do you want to try? Are there specific things you do to meditate that I did not mention? Or just tell me about your meditation experiences on the go in the comments below. Thanks for taking time to learn more about meditation.

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