Spooky Switch Games

Halloween is just behind us and if you are like me, you are still in that mood.

Halloween is just behind us and if you are like me, you are still in that mood. Thankfully, today I have some Nintendo Switch Games for you that will keep you in the Halloween mood. No matter the type of game style you like, these are surely going to give you a small bit of those spooky vibes to carry on that spooky feeling just a little bit longer. 

Be sure to let me know, in the comments, what you think of these games and what games you play to keep your Halloween vibes going all year long. 

Pumpkin Jack

Just over two years ago, October 23, 2020, Pumpkin Jack was released. If you have played this game at all, you will notice it has a striking similarity to another spooky, Halloween themed type game – MediEvil. It is the product of a one man team that always intended for it to be released around Halloween

Pumpkin Jack is an indie 3D platformer style game that brings you a Halloween aesthetic while adding in a smattering of horror themed hack and slash fighting style. It has a little bit for everyone. At times, this games plays like a true platformer, other times it asks you to solve puzzles to progress through, and at its root it is a combat driven game that will bring you hours of fun. 

Meet the Hero

As the game starts, you are treated to a back story of how you get to present day. To sum it up, the Devil is mad at humanity and wants to punish them for their misdeeds. Enter Pumpkin Jack. Some of you may know this ghost story that has its roots in Irish and Scottish mythology – Stingy Jack. Pumpkin Jack is a human that managed to play one to many tricks on the Devil and escape being captured. Instead, he was sentenced to walk the world undead. The Devil calls Pumpkin Jack into service to battle a Wizard that is giving the world a bit of trouble. You job? Fight your way through various levels to kill the Wizard.

The Game

The overall play style of this game is simple. There isnt a height you cant reach or a boss you cant beat – same planning may be required. You get a small tutorial that shows you the basics of how to use the controller to perform required actions. The first two levels show you how to use any button from attack to opening the inventory. This is how you will find weapons and items to use in your quest. You are joined by an owl that will guide you alone and a cowardly crow that can be used in addition to your fighting style. The difference – in this game you play for the bad team. Trying to undo what humans are doing to the world so that the Devil can continue to inflict harm and malice. Will you succeed?

My views

First, I must say that I have not played this on any other console, other than my Nintendo Switch . The Switch is a perfect home for this game. Sure, you can play it on the PS4 Pro to get a cleaned up version, but the game isnt graphics intensive and as such you don’t see huge FPS issues. The controls often seem a tab buggy, due to how different the Pro Controller is from other console controllers. The camera angles can be a little rough to navigate with, especially if the challenge requires you to shift directions tightly. The graphics, soundtrack, and the play style are all suited to the Switch and it seems to be a great place for it. I love that there is a smattering of horror tied in with a Tim Burton-sequel style of video game living on the Nintendo ecosystem. It is right there with games like Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without A Pulse, Luigi’s Manson 3 or Hello Neighbor. Start to finish Pumpkin Jack clocks in 4.5 hours of devilishly good hunting fun. Can you keep the human world in check?


Skelattack was released June 2, 2020 for all gaming systems, including PC, as a surprise release.This game started its development life with Ukuza games but was published by long time game maker, Konami. As such, you may notice play similarities to other Konami titles like Castlevania or Goemon. It is a 2D platformer that requires slashing and jumping to progress through the levels. 

Published as an indie game, it combines great hand drawn art and lovely environments to keep you going in your fight to save the Underworld.

“Being dead is not so bad when you have Aftervale to live in.”

Meet the Hero

You awake in the game as Skully. You are about to partake in Rememberance day when it comes crashing down as the humans, from above, descend into the kingdom of Aftervale. Their mission is to kidnap the Aftervale elder, Elzedon and still the magic that kindles the spirits of the dead. Your job is to jump, slash, and flap your way through the underworld with your best bat to save it. 

The Game

Much like Pumpkin Jack, you play the role of the undead bad guy and work through the game to save your home and friends. The game is known for beautifully hand-drawn artwork and precision movement that for most are incredibly unforgiving. It has been labeled as a brutal gauntlet of precision reflexes and constant respawns combined with tons of fun. Do you have what it takes to get through this game?

My Views

The game has beautiful graphics, great ambience, and a perfectly matched soundtrack, but that is where the fun ends. From there it really is a precision based attack style game. If you are familiar with a recent release called  Blue Flame on Nintendo Switch, then you are aware of the hardness factor of this gem. It is style great fun to play and always a joy to not have to play as the goody goody guys we are often strapped into. The whole game clocks in about 5 hours of playtime. That will give you enough time for the extras and completions. But, if you take your time and go for everything you can in the game, expect to clock in almost seven hours. That is a vastly quicker play style than games like Xenoblade Chronicles 3 or even The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Wrap Up

No game should be pigeonholed to times of the year or holidays. But if you are looking to add some extra to your Halloween Holiday Horrors, why not check out these two titles? It is always refreshing when you get to play a darker hero in a game and these two deliver that in spades.  Currently, you can purchase Skelattack for $19.99 (this is full price for the game and I have seen it lower). You can pick up Pumpkin Jack, normally, for 29.99. During Halloween, I was able to pick it up for a 60% discount, bringing it into a more fun price of $11.99. I always suggest Wishlisting an item and waiting for it to go on sale, but you cant go wrong with the low starting price of each of these games. 

Get out there and give them a chance. If you plan on picking them up, let me know below. If you have played either of them, drop me a comment below and let me know what your thoughts are on them. Your opinions may help others decide to purchase these titles or pass on them. 

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