10 Things Every Gen-Xer Knows

We were the latchkey kids who spent our parents money signing up for Columbia house to build out our new CD collections.

Dating In Your 40s

I will admit it, I have a guilty pleasure movie that I go to a lot. It's a film adaptation of a play called "All Over The Guy." The entire movie is about two people who try to date, after being hooked up by their respective best friends, and the foils that come with it. [...]

Switch games I regret playing

I have had a Nintendo Switch for just about five years and it has become my favorite console. Maybe not for the reasons you might think. I have been playing video games since Pac-Man was first released in the 80s. I have played, at some point, most styles of video games but what keeps me [...]

Why May Hiding Be Necessary?

I consider myself to be out an open about it, I don’t hide who I am. Even saying that I do realize that I do not tell everyone that I am a gay man. Is that being in the closet for not sharing, it may depend, itself, on the type of interaction that I have [...]