Switch games I regret playing

I have had a Nintendo Switch for just about five years and it has become my favorite console. Maybe not for the reasons you might think. I have been playing video games since Pac-Man was first released in the 80s. I have played, at some point, most styles of video games but what keeps me coming back to them are the stories they tell and the artistic style of the game. If those two aspects are there, then the game will captivate me until I beat it or get bored with it. Mostly, anyway.

So, why do I regret playing any game on the Switch? Lets just jump into my list and see why. Before we start, I am sure there are games on this list that many of you will not agree with and that is cool. My views only speak to my experiences and what I don’t like about them.

Nintendo Switch issues

In 2017, Nintendo released the Switch. This was their newest console after the WiiU. The Switch, in my opinion, was a great combination console, it gave you the benefits of mobile gaming some of your favorite titles while also allowing you to have the ability to connect to a tv and play it like a normal console. 

A drawback for me was how the joycons were used on the Switch. The biggest problem with them is from drift. Joycon drift comes from over usage of the controllers and if you want to do the motion actions, you have to use them. It mostly seemed gimmicky to me, especially depending on the game and how it was utilized.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This is the one addition to my list that I will probably get some intense reactions over. 

I will start this by saying I am not a Legend of Zelda fan, not because I don’t like the franchise but because I never played them when I was younger. My first console was an Atari 2600, around 1984 I got an NES. The Switch is the first Nintendo system I have owned since I had an NES and a Gameboy. I just never had the opportunity to play any. 

BOTW (Breath of the Wild) is a beautiful game, hands down. It also has an amazing story. So it would seem confusing that I am not a fan of this game. There are a few reasons why.

First is frame rate. This game does not reach 60 fps while playing it and it gets work when you play it on a large screen. Your best experience is playing it in handheld mode. Sadly, this game isn’t designed to be played that way. You lose the scope of the world you are playing in, the boss battles seem less than exciting, and it takes you out of the game. 

The open world aspect of BOTW is a loss for me.  I do enjoy open world games, in fact Batman: Arkham City is a perfect example of a great open world game. It fits the story and seems to just be a natural thing navigating around the city. BOTW does not benefit from that type of experience. The Legend of Zelda has always had some type of linear progression and level limitations. Letting the world be this expansive oftentimes left me feeling lost and confused about where to go and what to do. 

Artistic style and an awesome story line is why this is not at the top of my list.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Way back in November 2011, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim was released from Bethesda Games. In its lifetime it has received Game of the Year and RPG of the Year – to name a few. It has had multiple expansions added to it and a wealth of mods from fans all over the globe. Simply put, this game has a HUGE fan base.

In 2017, Survival mode was added to it and was released with the Anniversary Edition. That same year it was also released on the Switch, however the graphics weren’t on the same level as with other platforms, including PC. It also saw Survival mode removed from the release. 

I have attempted to play Skyrim on PC, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch. I am not a fan of the game on any of them and that is weird because I love fantasy games. However, the frame rate is around 30fps thanks to the Gamebryo engine. That leaves movement jerky and the scenery lacking in many battles and exploration. If you play it with the joycons, you can use one as a shield and the other a sword – or whatever weapon type you have equipped. To me this looks very janky. Maybe its because I am an old-school gamer and used to W-A-S-D for my controlling, I have never wanted to simulate knocking an arrow on a bow and drawing it back to fire. These are the two biggest reasons I dislike this game, especially on Nintendo Switch.

The truth is that this game has always appeared less than fun due to the graphics seeming a bit rough in comparison to other big fantasy games. The story line is one of the few redeeming parts of the game and the fact that it is mostly open-world, it is easy to see why so many love it. I don’t, sorry. Wearing the outfit from Legend of Zelda didn’t redeem this game for me.

Nine Parchments

This was the second game I got for my Switch. I say got, but the truth is at the time I was a store manager with Gamestop and we would get codes for games that were releasing. None of my staff members wanted this game, so I decided to use the code to pick it up. I have clocked less than three hours playing this game mainly due to not liking Real Time Strategy games. It was released on every platform, including the Switch.

The story of Nine Parchments is about wizards who tire of their training and decide to skip it to search for the Nine Parchments. During their search they learn various dangerous spells which often lead to more problems than good. 

What I don’t like about the game is that it truly is designed with multiplayer in mind. If you do it solo, the game play becomes really repetitive quickly. In many ways, it shares the dungeon crawler vibe you get with Diablo but with kids learning magic. This is a game that plays better as multiplayer. That requires you to have friends that have a Switch and that game, which I did not have at the time of playing. I quickly got tired of the game and stopped playing. 


First off, if you aren’t in the know, Minecraft is HUGE or rather was. Kids love it and when I worked at Gamestop, it was always one of the most popular games we sold. With all of that I had to check it out. Minecraft is a first person survival-type action game that runs in a sandbox type environment. Sandbox games are essentially games that allow the player to do what they want without any criteria they have to follow. You don’t have to play the game in any specific way, you can simply log in and create your world how you choose to. Think the Sims but with more 16-bit graphics. 

That all sounds pretty good, so why don’t I like it? For me, it was the same reason I dislike the Sims. It all sounds good that you can log into a game and not worry about achievements, quests, battling NPCs or other players. You can simply create a world but, the truth be told, that gets old very quickly. I will admit that I never played the story mode of Minecraft, I only wanted to create houses and explore the environment. But… it… gets… old… FAST! There is only so many times that you can build houses, dig to the center of the world, and not have a goal to achieve before it becomes boring. That took about three days for me to realize.

Rise of Insanity

I love horror movies, books, and getting scared, so getting Rise of Insanity seemed like a logical move. I also really like indie games. It is from the indie gaming scene that some of the artistic styles really shine. Many of those studios do not have large budgets for games, like Blizzard, EA, and etc, so they have to rely on story content and artistic stylings to sell their product. 

Sadly, Rise of Insanity doesn’t seem to deliver on any of those points. Maybe it’s just a bad port to the Switch but the graphics seemed to have gotten worse afterwards. For me, it felt like it was like an old 8-bit graphics being shot with a Vaseline covered lens, while I was squinting at the screen trying to understand what I was seeing. That’s bad, really. The story didn’t really give me the fear I had hoped it would. 

Games like this should rely on puzzles to make you unravel the story and get your spook on, this game had you looking for pieces and barely giving you a coherent storyline. You spend more time trying to figure out how to do simple things like turning on the lights of a car. The dark coloring of some of the environments does make it hard to find the clues you are looking for. It is not an overly challenging game but the game play makes it hard to work through. This may come from the fact that it was originally designed to be a virtual reality game. 

Enjoy it your own way

Yes, many of you will have very strong opinions about the games I listed and that that is perfectly okay. If you love those games, I am excited for that. I don’t hate any one of these games, they are just regrets I have about games I have bought. Please don’t let my review color your desires to play them. If you are playing them now or have, let me know in the comments why you like or dislike them. That is what I like hearing most, why someone enjoys playing what they play. 

Remember, we all don’t have to like the same games as everyone else. We just have to enjoy the ones we play and share why we love them. So let me know below why they give you feels. 

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