How Will Pride Be Celebrated In 2021?

LGBTQ people are nothing in nor resilient, we found our ways to celebrate as boldly as we always have. However, it leaves the question of how will Pride be celebrated in 2021?

Covid-19 has definitely left an indelible mark on our history. It has forced us inside, reduced our social interaction, and left many of us from wanting to be in any large gathering. Last year we watched how it impacted Pride celebrations all over the world, but we stood strong. LGBTQ people are nothing in nor resilient, we found our ways to celebrate as boldly as we always have. However, it leaves the question of how will Pride be celebrated in 2021?

Pride Around The Country

At present, many large cities are still on hold for how they will handle Pride events this year. NYC has listed many events they will be hosting this year. They have scheduled a full month of events and many of them are online, at present. Their main events, Pride march and Pridefest, are tentatively scheduled for June 27th, with place to be determined.

San Francisco is planning on hosting a live event with limited in-person events. As with many places, they are using a theme that talks about how we are all in this together. To me, this harkens back to the days when the AIDS pandemic was a constant topic of discussion.

Chicago, however, is planning an in-person event, like San Francisco. Their parade will cover 21 blocks of Chicago’s Uptown and Boystown and will be the wrap-up event of a two-day long celebration, starting on June 27th, 2021.

What about our own fair city, how will we be celebrating?

Pride in the CLE

While Covid may still have us reeling, fear not my LGBTQ community, we will be able to celebrate Pride this year. Pride in the CLE is proud to announce that they will be hosting a virtual Pride, once again. Pride in the CLE will host a week of events that start May 29th and ends on June 5th. If you haven’t set the date, then get it on your calendar.

Pride in the CLE gives you two ways to celebrate pride this year and encourages you to take part in both. The main event will take place on June 4th. Be sure to tune into WKYC Channel 3 at 7:30 pm. You will be able to join other viewers as they showcase the sights and sounds of our LGBTQ+ community. You will also be able to explore Pride in Northeast Ohio throughout history and into the future. It is a great way to boost your feelings of Pride in a safe environment. If you and your friends have had their COVID shots, why not host a viewing party. Even better, you can live stream to Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, or even Zoom call with your friends that cant be with you.

June 5th, you can participate in the second annual Pride in the CLE Pride Ride. This is your chance to Queer Pimp your ride and join the party. The event starts off in Edgewater Park at 10 am and continues down the Detroit Shoreway. If you want to be a part of the Pride Ride, you have until April 30th to register. For more information about how to register, head over to Pride in the CLE: Pride Ride page for info.

Separate But Visible

The last two years have really shown us that Pride isn’t about the vendors and the parties. We have realized that it truly is about being visible. We have fought for our place in this world from the beginnings of time and we have done it on every front and way imaginable. The last two years have shown us that we can adapt to what the world throws at us and use technology in new ways to connect to the world.

We have watched drag shows on Zoom calls and other platforms online, seen pride events be webcast to the masses, and even using all of the technology at our fingertips to host a viewing and listening parties for new works from upcoming and tried and true artists. What we should take away from this is that we no longer should look at obstacles as preventing us from doing something, but instead a thing to be overcome with creative minds. Just because a Pride event may be hosted online shouldn’t stop you from attending, log in and be extra, for once, without having to worry about what others will think. Collaborate with others that are online to create new means of protesting and advocating. We may be separate but we are still visible.

Pride is about being visible, showing others our strengths and who we are. As we are getting closer to Pride month, it is important to know that each of our voices matter, we are stronger with all of them than we are with fewer.

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