9 LGBTQ Bloggers You Need To Check Out

Are you supporting LGBTQ content creators? Did you even realize how many LGBTQ content creators were out there? If you answered no to any one of those questions, what is stopping you?

Are you supporting LGBTQ content creators? Did you even realize how many LGBTQ content creators were out there? If you answered no to any one of those questions, what is stopping you?

It’s proven that the major media outlets do not create content that speaks to the needs and desires of LGBTQ people. It’s a shock when you think about it. After all, our money spends they same as anyone else’s. In many cases LGBTQ people dont have children, so their money can be spent on more extravagant and fun items.

But it doesn’t stop there… 

LGBTQ people consume and share things that they feel speak to them. There are many YouTube Channels devoted to gay gamers, gaymers. They talk about games with LGBTQ content as well as their favorite games. It can be reassuring to know there are games out there oriented around us, in positive instances.

There are even more LGBTQ content creators out there. So here is a list of 9 LGBTQ bloggers that you need to check out, today

9. My Son Wears Heels


This is a blog written by Julie Tarney. She is a speaker, author, consultant, trainer and a mother of a non-binary child. Her blog is the result of her book by the same title.

Often, we are more familiar with stories of parents turning their backs on their transgender or non-binary children.

At the age of 2, Tarney’s child came to her and said, “inside my head, I’m a girl.” She saw this as an experience to grow and to show her child unconditional love. She had been supporting her child long before the iusage of the terms transgender, non-binary and gender non-conforming.

Tarney also used her personal experiences to help other businesses become more trans-inclusive and welcoming of their transgender employees. If you are looking for advice, education, or support in your life or the life of your LGBTQ child, be sure to check her out. Also, check out her post, “When your child comes out to you.”

8. Rhonda’s Escape


“I have spent a significant amount of your life questioning my gender identity and do not fit into the binary male/female continuum.” – Rhonda Williams

Rhonda started her blog on July 19, 2015 as a way to share their passion for fashion and their life. Their blog posts include personal musings and gender identity articles they have found helpful.

Rhonda writes in a very easy, conversational style. They focus more on content, as opposed to the click bait SEO format many bloggers seem to use. (ahem – even me.) Rhonda also shares inspiring stories and gives place for their online friends to express themselves in guest posts. My favorite so far is Rhonda’s post about Ruth who transitioned at a young 81 years of age. You can check out,” Age Has Nothing To Do With It…”

7. Nomadic Boys


Stefan and Sebastien are a French/Greek couple from London. They have been traveling the world for over ten years. They began their blog 2013 because there were few online resources for LGBTQ travelers. In the beginning it was a weblog of their trips across Asia, as a gay couple. Since those early days, it have evolved into a premiere site for online gay travel resources.

Their site covers travel as a gay couple. They showcase local gay scenes, unique experiences, and even where to find the best pride events. They also post interviews with local LGBTQ people from each place they travel to.

You can check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Their blog as a valuable resource for being able to travel to more places than we thought imaginable and in a safer manner. Head on over to their site and make sure you follow them.

6. Once Upon a Journey


The creators of Once Upon A Journey are Roxanne and Maarten, a Dutch Lesbian couple. They love each other, the world, writing, and photography. They spent three years being nomads but moved back to Amsterdam in 2020.

In 2017, they sold everything and decided to travel full time. Their blog first started as a way to showcase folk and fairy tales from around the world. They noticed that people became much more interested in their travel and experiences.

They realized that there was a serious lack of travel resources for lesbians. They decided to pick up the slack. Their belief that every travel experience is a magical beginning to an amazing story. This is how they try to captivate you with every post they share.

Want to know the best places to travel, they got you covered. Want to know the safest places to visit, and celebrate them. They’re here to inspire your own magical “Once upon a time” adventures.

5. My Fabulous Disease


Mark S King is the creator of this blog. In 1985, King found out he had HIV and has been an advocate and activist ever since.

King’s blog shares his personal experiences with HIV and drug addiction recovery. He also talks about LGBTQ+ advocacy, news, and more.  King’s approach to the hard realities of LGBTQ life are frank, open, and quite refreshing .

King also provides well written, honest, and snarky takes on current events. He received the 2020 Journalist of the year award from NLGJA and does public speaking engagements about HIV issues.

4. Antony Simpson

We all can agree that 2020 had some significant impact on our mental and spiritual health. That’s why blogs like Anthony Simpson’s is so important now. As we see a rise in religion and spirituality with LGBTQ people, we need to cultivate safe, online spaces for a sharing and understanding of this information.

Simpson is an author and nurse who covers a wide range of topics on his blog. He has also written several books. He describes himself as a gay pagan man living in the UK.

Simpson has taken his personal experiences in dealing with mental health issues, alcohol, and substance abuse and compiled them into a guidebook to help others in understanding and improving their own mental health.

3. What Wegan Did Next



The first question you may ask, when you head to this site, is who or what exactly is ‘Wegan.” There is a simple answer for that, Wegan is a combination of Whitney and Megan Bacon-Evans. They are self described femme lesbians with a love of fashion. They also created a dating site, Find Femmes, for feminine identified LGBTQ women.

In 2009, they started their blog as a way to catalog their memories. Their blog covers fashion, long distance dating, and creating  positive environments for all “lipstick” lesbians.

They have also taken their blog and lives to the next level with the creation of their own line of merchandise. Their inspiration in fashion comes from lots of pink, Boho, and boss babe outfits.

If you are a femme lesbian who has thought there isn’t a large representation, of who you are, in the world then What Wegan Did Next is the place for you.

2. The Gay Gamer

It is amazing to see LGBTQ gaymers who have blogs, YouTube channels, or whatever social media flavor they choose about gaming. This is an area where we often don’t get to see a lot of representation.

Bryan Ochalla is the owner of this awesomely retro pink site about video games. Ochalla is a life long gamer who keep a running post on his blog about the games he has played. He also shares his love of old Japanese video games.

You will also find “Manual Stimulation” posts on his blog. These are the posts that break down how he feels about instructions, layout, and art in video games.

Make sure you bookmark and subscribe to this blog to stay caught up on his posts.

1. Debt Free Guys



What lifestyle blogs would be complete without one that talks about how to achieve financial freedom and the ability to do what you love. This is where debt free guys come in.

David and John are husband who are “living a fabulous debt-free life.” There mission is to teach other gay men exactly how they can achived this dream. They write in no nonsense terms so that no matter how you choose to live your life, they can help you achieve the financial freedom you want.

Some of the topics they include on their blog are how to find transgender life insurance or how being gay can affect filing taxes. They offer their guides and blog posts to help others on their journey.

Supporting The Community

We have become an online society and we rely on that community for support and information. Be sure to support those LGBTQ creators out there. They are doing what they can in the battle to change the minds of people. Many of these offer valuable information that we cannot get in other places. Make sure you visit these blogs, sign up, and follow them.

If you enjoy this type of content, please comment below and tell me what you thought about it. And remember to sign up for my blog so you will know when new content comes out.

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