7 Must-Hear Anti-Valentine’s Day Songs

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. It definitely seems to be a holiday where couples make sure everyone knows they are in love, especially single people. For that, I give you the anti-Valentine’s Day Playlist. Seven songs to get you through this mushy holiday.

7. I Will Always Love You – Dolly Parton

This is the song that has made Dolly Parton the most money. It is also one of her most covered songs. I have heard people play this at their wedding, request it on radio call in shows for their new love, and even as an “our song.” But is this song as it appears?

Dolly first got her start on the Porter Wagoner Show. “I was trying to get away on my own because I had promised to stay with Porter’s show for five years. I had been there for seven,” Said Dolly in an interview. Dolly stated that they were both very stubborn and fought a lot about her leaving.

She had already been looking at the possibilities of going on her own to make music. Finally, she said, “Well, why don’t you do what you do best? Why don’t you just write this song?”

Dolly was in a very emotional place as the words flowed out of her. It was her way of saying that even though she is leaving it doesn’t mean she didn’t love him. Especially for all that he had done for her with her career.

The next morning she went in and told Porter to sit down, she had a song she wanted him to hear. With that, she sang the song and took her leave from him.

Not exactly the love song so many of us thought it was, huh?

6. Crazy – Patsy Cline

Okay, a bit of history for this one. Crazy was actually written by Willie Nelson. He had a struggling career as a country musician. Patsy Cline gave him a break when she recorded his song. He covered his song in 1962.

The person in the song has lost their love, who ran off with someone else. They knew from the beginning the relationship would never work, but they still can’t get over it.

With lyrics like “I knew you’d love me as long as you wanted  and then someday you’d leave me for someone new.” And, “Wondering what in the world did I do. Crazy for thinking that my love could hold you.” Its evident that this song is about a person who cant understand why their lover would hurt them.

5. Every Breath You Take – The Police

If the artist says their song sounds sinister and not appropriate to woo someone, then surely no one would consider it a love song, right? WRONG!

There are verses that seem to mislead people, maybe that is why the general feel of the song gets lost.

“Oh, can’t you see, You belong to me. How my poor heart aches with every step you take.”

It can sound like the artist is trying to show how much they love the other person. In fact, this has been named as one of the all time stalker songs from the 80s.

While everyone is out there talking about how great love is, play this one for the ones that broke your heart.

4. What’s Love Got To Do With It – Tina Turner

Tina Turner is no stranger to the hardships of love. The first part of her career was marked by an abusive relationship with her, then, partner Ike Turner. When she split from Ike in 1976, her career was in a sort of limbo. Thirteen years later she would record What’s Love Got To Do With It and it would thrust her back into popularity.

What many don’t know is that Turner didn’t want to record this song. She actually hated it. She decided to defer judgement to her manager, Roger Davies. Davies had plans to get this soon to be Diva back in the game. We all are aware how Tina can deliver on her gifts and make any song an amazing piece of art. Her interpretation of the song is what elevates her music to new levels.

This song, in my opinion, is the top of anti-love songs. It is also one that speaks of women empowerment and not falling into the trappings of societal obligations.

The song is about a woman who enjoys the carnal pleasures of another person, but feels no emotional attachment. With the line “a sweet old fashioned notion,” she is telling her lover that there is nothing more than the physical act of them being together.

Their relationship has nothing to do with love, it’s about sex. Its a great reminder that relationships do not have to fit in any specific box.

3. When A Man Loves A Woman – Percy Sledge

I have to admit, most of my years I, too, thought this was a love song that spoke to the strength of the love between two people

“When a man loves a woman, cant keep his mind on nothing else. He’d trade the world for the good thing he’s found.”

That sounds like a man who is truly in love with his partner. Saying things like she can do no wrong and he would turn his back on his best friend if he put her down, we can see why it sounds romantic. But were have we all misled?

It sounds like a song where a man is lowering those impenetrable walls he has built up for the love of his life. Actually its about how love can make a man act like a fool. It’s written by a man who after his love left him. The song is his emotional pick me up song. A way of telling himself that he doesn’t need her and made him crazy.

2. Marry You – Bruno Mars

Oftentimes it’s the hidden meaning in lyrics that confuse us. Sometimes its the tun of the song, which is the case with Marry You. The poppy sound sound of the music leads you to believe this is a feel good song about two people sharing emotions.

The opening line states, “its a beautliful night, we’re looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you.” So much for a romantic. He even further goes to saying they can go to some rinks dink chapel where no one knows to get married – after a few drinks.

How many weddings have happened in Vegas that this would be a theme song for? That is definitely all about romance.

‘If we wake up and you wanna break up, that’s cool. No, I won’t blame you, it was fun girl.”

How can people want this to be the first song at their wedding?

1. Got To Get You Into My Life – The Beatles

“Oh I suddenly see you Oh, did I tell you I need you  Every single day of my life.” Sung by the cutest Beatle, at the time, Paul McCartney. Of course this sounded like an up beat proclamation of love to another person.

The song goes further to talk about how they want to feel or what they could be with them in their life. After all, they were the heart throbs of that generation, they have to be speaking to the legions of young girl fans they had around the world.

“It’s actually an ode to pot,” said Paul McCartney in an interview. Well I guess its more about that forbidden love that is slowly becoming legal in many states in our great country.

No one said that love had to be between two people. After all, marijuana can give you all kinds of feelings. Even cravings for mayonnaise, sugar, and crackers in the early morning hours. Not that I would know from experience, but you know who you are any why this is mentioned. <Grins evilly>

So, as this Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, remember you don’t have to sit around brooding over not being in love. These seven songs, and maybe an organic friend, can help you get beyond those blues. If all else fails, whip out your smartphone, pull up one of those many dating apps, and see if you can find a little love for the evening. Just remember to do it over Zoom to keep at a safe distance.

*Disclaimer – This is not an endorsement for drugs, unless medically prescribed. Dont do drugs, drugs are bad ‘M’Kay’.*

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