Lakeview Cemetery in the Fall.

One of my all time favorite places in Cleveland is Lakeview Cemetery. The beauty of it is amazing, the statues are gorgeous, and its a great place for quiet reflection. Fall is my most favorite time to visit Lakeview. Sure, Spring has flowers blooming and trees gaining leaves, but the colors are much more amazing during this time of year. Here are a few pictures from my recent visit there.

The mausoleums are some of the most beautiful that I have seen, outside of New Orleans. The colors only add to their mystery and beauty.

The Haserot Angel is probably one of the most photographed statues in Lakeview. It is also my second most favorite angel statue in the cemetery. It offers a sense of security and safety. They eyes seem to offer reprieve from our misdeeds and compassion for what’s to come, all at the same time.

There is something for everyone in this sacred space. You can get lost walking the rows of stones or sit quietly and reflect upon the faces of the various carvings.

This angel is my most favorite of all in Lakeview. An archangel that has stayed his sword to watch over the resting place of one of the many Clevelanders entombed in this quite piece of land.

A place of quiet reflection that you can turn just the right way and still get a bit of creepy vibes from it. Walking some of the rows I always hear one of the opening lines of Night of the Living Dead, “They’re coming to get your, Barbara.”

If you have never been to Lakeview Cemetery, make a trip down to it. Spend some time walking through its many rows. Stop and enjoy some quite time and center yourself in this hectic paced world we live in. There are very few that will interrupt your thoughts here and always someone lying around that will listen to your thoughts.

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