Miller’s Nature Preserve

If you have followed my blog you have see several posts of pictures I have taken. I have been into photography since my sophomore/junior year in high school. I joined the yearbook staff to mainly want to work on and write for our yearbook. At the time, what they needed was a photographer. I had never used a 35mm SLR before but I was sent out with rolls of film and an Olympus and told to take pictures. I did and when I returned I was taught how to develop my own film. From that moment on I was in love with photography.

I haven’t been as active with it recently, mostly due to working on this blog and my now YouTube Channel. I am slowly working back into it, have a new lens coming to start playing with. Below are some pictures I took from a trip, with my best friend, while I was off for the holiday.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.




In case you are curious, these pictures were taken at Miller’s Nature Preserve in Avon, Ohio. The eagle and deer shots were in Avon, as well. The foxes were taken at Mentor Headlands. Was an amazing day with some very luck shots. I hope you enjoyed them.

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