RuPaul’s Werq The World

Monday night, October 14th, Cleveland’s Agora theater played host to the RuPaul’s Drag Race Werq The World Tour. If you aren’t familiar, RuPaul’s Drag Race Contestants aren’t always pushed off into obscurity, many in fact become part of the RuPaul Tour experience, from Roasts, Holiday Tours, and the Werq The World Tour.  The show was hosted by Asia O’Hara and included Plastique Tiara, Naomi Smalls, Monet X Change, Detox Icunt, Aquaria, and Yvie Oddly. The tour was billed to be hosted by the incomparable Michelle Visage and the entire season 11 cast plus fan favorites. However, the only season 11 cast members to be there were Plastique Tiara and Yvie Oddly.

Plastique started the show, coming out in a fairy tale ball gown. True to her form she played the face and body queen.

Ms. Legs herself, Naomi Smalls, strutted herself out on stage. Throwing her patented leg slide across the floor and showing off her limber long body. She always leaves you ooooing and cringing at the same time.

I like Money X Change, but I also and a little torn over her. She definitely brings attitude to the runway, ever damned time. She leaves you laughing and slightly wondering what she was doing. She does have the curves to twist you into knots.

During a break and just before intermission, Asia O’Hara, who did double duty of hosting the show and performing did a game of two minute quick drag with the audience. Here we see Asia imparting wisdom to one of the winners of quick drag. Asia was saying how special her family was for letting her come to a drag show and be a part of this culture and phenomonon.

I have to say, of all the queens on the tour, Detox definitely had a more contrasting outfit. The audience didn’t seem to quite jive with her, which is sad because Detox can turn a show. Her outfit was definitely my favorite of the evening.

One of two Drag Race winners, Aquaria didn’t seem to be quite as expressive as she is known for. I have to admit, of all the queens to win on RuPaul’s Drag Race, her reign seemed quite subdued. However, on this night she did provide a bit of comedic relief. During one point in her set, she went for a slide and slid completely off the stage and into the wings. She came back looking a tad embarrassed but full of mirth over it. Later, she would get tripped up into wires used for her aerial arcobatics.

My favorite and winner of season 11, Yvie Oddly did a cross between alien and zombie routine. She kept with her weirdness motif but did seem to be a bit off of her normal energy level. I realize she has a medical condition and needs to take care of that to be on her game, so it was great seeing her perform with all of that. The energy just seemed to be a bit low, so I hope she wasn’t nursing a wound. It is a long tour and she did put on a show for her fans. For me it was still a win in the Yvie book.

Asia was the last queen to perform on this stop of the tour. She never fails to smile when she performs and always interacts with her audience. The had an impressive light show, which did pay tribute to the Cleveland Browns. And who knew that Drag Queens could also be Jedi.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Pit Crew. I mean really, what more does one need to say about scantily clad men. I will say, if you didn’t make the show, you missed seeing tight bubble asses partly bared for all to see.

While the show didn’t pack the bang I hoped it would, it was still great to see awesome queens doing what they are good at. The way Asia worked the theater and even chasing down someone to see why she got up in the middle of her dialog was perfect campy funnies. You may or may not like drag queens, but you have to appreciate that they have real talent in what they do and always turn up to put on a show. I would like to drop a special thanks to my boyfriend for sliding me a ticket so that I could be there with him. That was my highlight of the night.

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