Gay Songs Summer Throwback

So, here we are about half way through summer. Today it is ungodly hot across the Midwest, so what better way to deal with the heat that to take a look as some previous summer hits. When I started this list, I went back to about 1995 and realized that was 25 years ago. Then I was like holy fuck, that WAS 25 years ago. Some of you reading this may not even remember some of these songs. Seem weird knowing that some of these songs are in fact that old. So, bear with me as we take a look back at a few of these.


1993: RuPaul Supermodel – We all know this icon by name now, but this was her first big hit on the pop charts. This song was everywhere and was considered the summer song of 1993.


!995: Nicki French Total Eclipse of the HeartThe 90s became the era for club/dance music, so many upstart artists released remixed dance track of popular songs. Many became the soundtrack for drag queens everywhere. Nicki French brought us this remake of the popular Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse of the Heart.


1999: Whitney Houston It’s Not Right But It’s Ok (Thunderpuss Remix) – Not only was the 90s big for new artists with remixes, our tried and true Divas came out with faster dance version of their classic ballad style songs. Up and coming DJs everywhere signed up to remix. Take this remix of Mrs. Houston’s song.

2002: Khia My Neck, My Back – 2002 brought a lot of hip hop style songs to the clubs, well honestly it had always been there, but during the early 2000s a lot of newer fresher artists were making their rounds. I remember this song so well from the club and was a favorite.

2006: The Pussycat Dolls Buttons – Early 2000s also introduced us to burlesque style dance groups and one skyrocketed to the charts and that was the Pussycat Dolls. Over all they release two albums and received some notoriety. This song was one of their more popular of that year.

2009: Lady GaGa LoveGame – The performer that became an icon to so many of the LGBTQ people has been known for pushing boundaries and modern conceptions. This song was one of her earlier popular, and still is, videos.

2012: Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe – “Hey, I just met you and this may be crazy, but here’s my number call me maybe.” The song that became a joke for almost any weird and awkward instance and sported a thirst trap of a video boy.

2015: Demi Lovato Cool for the SummerFor me this was always a sleeper hit and one of my favorite songs. Demi always reminds me of the cool girls I wanted to be a part of and this song just kind of pulled together all the great things a summer into its catchy beat.

2018: Ariana Grande No Tears Left To Cry – Ariana is a hit or miss with me, honestly. This song is a definite hit. Love the beat, the emotion the song carries, and the pseudo Inception style video makes it an awesome addition.

I hope some of these songs brought back some great summer memories for you and may have even added a few for this year. Grab a cool beverage, relax in your chaise, and just chill to the sounds. What better way to have fun than music and relaxing?

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