LGBTQ Streamers

With today being Friday, I thought I would go for a lighter note. Since we have become a society for consuming data in various forms, I thought we should take a minute and recognize some of the LGBTQ content streamers that are out there. There are so many to name, so I will keep the [...]

Anti-LGBTQ Sentiment

I have had readers ask me about the liberties I say are at risk of being removed by the current administration. We see these inequalities daily and part of me thinks we have become desensitized to it. One moment we see where Trump tweets that he is enacting a transgender ban on the military and [...]

The Sting of Loss

We are seeing a disappearance in our community. A disappearance of safe spaces, LGBTQ bars, and our rights, which are being threatened with removal. When will we say enough is enough. We hear people claiming to be our allies, telling us they support us, want to stand beside us, and then we watch as they [...]

Make Your Voice Heard

I can't stress enough the importance of voting. Recent elections have shown us that deciding factors can be really close and sometimes a few extra votes can swing things wildly. How we decide to vote, as a people can vastly change how next four years. For the LGBTQ community, much of the stage for how [...]

I Love It When We…

Simple touch can have an overpowering effect on a person. According to Psychology Today, "humans have developed complex languages, cultures and emotional expression through physical contact, be it warm handshake, a sympathetic hug, or a congratulatory pat on the back. Our skin is our largest organ and very responsive. The warmth of something as simple [...]


Change can be hard to accept for people. It is an upheaval to how things have been and forces us to learn or adapt to things we may not be used to. Sometimes it is needed for our growth and sometimes it's just plain unexpected. Early in my life I set things in motion that [...]