Warmer Thoughts

Today is a more chillier day in Cleveland and my canvas kilt is a bit more breezy than I thought it would be this morning. So in retaliation, I am posting to pictures I took last spring with my best friend Tammy McFarland Mellert. You can find her on YouTube, where she does reviews about camera gear and shares her photography adventures here in Ohio. You can also check out her webpage Tammy Mellert Photography. So give her a look over and while you are here, you can look at my pictures.



Cleveland Urban Images

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a hot minute. Had a few meetings at work and trying to put together other topics to covered and got behind. So for now, I am going to share some pictures from Cleveland’s graffiti scene .

Here are some pics I have taken in Cleveland over the years. A lot of the places these pictures came from no longer exist. The Duck Factory was one that featured a large amount of artwork. Some were from random buildings that I never learned the name of and are now are parks or leveled for other buildings. This is so that artwork lives on and will not be forgotten.



There are neighborhoods that have had artists come in to use their artwork on local buildings. Here are a few of them.


Our little city has some pretty amazing places, if you get out there and look. Experience it and see what it has to offer. *All of these pictures are taken by me and owned by me(Keith Simpkins), The artwork is from various artists in and around the Cleveland area.*

Mentor Headlands

Pictures taken while out at Mentor Headlands, Ohio yesterday with my best friends. Was also a beautiful day to be out in one of my kilts.