LGBTQ Blamed For Covid-19

I realize that it shouldn’t shock me that LGBTQ people are blamed for things that happen on the daily. After all, Pat Robertson has said that hurricanes are God’s way of trying to punish us. Weird belief when it seems to impact so many more than just LGBTQ people. As this pandemic seems to be [...]

Thanksgiving Memories…

What really made it for me was when I started putting together my own family of friends. Coming together for Thanksgiving and Christmas took on different meanings than some of the pain and struggles that came with gathering with relatives. There are two very vivid points in my history that were pivotal changes of my [...]

Top Ten Thanksgiving Foods

Gobble, gobble everyone, you guessed it, this week is Thanksgiving. Arguably this holiday is immersed in as much controversy as Columbus Day and for good reason. But as you can tell by the title, we aren’t discussing the societal impact of this holiday and how it glorifies the decimation of entire groups of indigenous people. [...]

What’s Not Cheating?

I look at tons of articles, videos, Youtube channels to come up with ideas on what to talk about. Sometimes its an exhausting search but every now and then I find something that literally gives me the double take what the actual fuck look. This is one of them. Many of us are familiar with [...]

Home Is Where The Pride Is.

A lot can be said about families. We are born into one that is based on genetics and blood. Born into a family that is supposed to love you unconditionally. However, we know that is not always the truth. As LGBTQ, many of us learn to adopt a family. And this family is then made [...]

Freedom of Speech and Social Media

The last four years has been a roller coaster ride, no one can deny that. Since the 2016 election that brought Trump in as president, we have seen a steady increase in hate crimes. We have watched as hate groups have taken more of a center stage in media reports. We have watch as citizens [...]

Top 10 Cyberpunk Movies

One of my favorite sub-genres is cyberpunk. If you aren’t familiar with it let me explain. Cyberpunk takes place in the future. Artificial intelligence and cybernetics are a common sight. Weirdly, the world seems to be in total chaos otherwise. Some apocalyptic event has taken place and left the landscape almost Mad Max looking. Humanity [...]

Lakeview Cemetery in the Fall.

One of my all time favorite places in Cleveland is Lakeview Cemetery. The beauty of it is amazing, the statues are gorgeous, and its a great place for quiet reflection. Fall is my most favorite time to visit Lakeview. Sure, Spring has flowers blooming and trees gaining leaves, but the colors are much more amazing [...]

Top 10 Weird Halloween Facts

Halloween is here. You have probably been to some parties already or maybe getting ready for tonight and this weekend. You have your costume ready, a few beverages you have made to take with you or for your guests. You have built your playlists of music and movies for your night. You have even brushed [...]

Top Ten Halloween Drinks

Here we are, down to the wire. Halloween is this weekend and you may be freaking out trying to come up with ideas for your party. Have no fear, I am going to share with you some awesome drink you can serve at your party. And for those wanting to not do alcohol, no worries, [...]