The Myth of Being Happy

From a young age we are taught that there is a formula for being happy.

Dating In Your 40s

I will admit it, I have a guilty pleasure movie that I go to a lot. It's a film adaptation of a play called "All Over The Guy." The entire movie is about two people who try to date, after being hooked up by their respective best friends, and the foils that come with it. [...]

12 Methods To Get In Tune With Your Intuition

We have talked about how your Intuition is integral to who you are. It is your guiding star, a voice of reason, and can give insight into a situation that you may not have had. You have learned how to find and start to listen to it. You have even started to learn how to [...]

Why Can’t This Be Love

Relationships are hard, if someone tells you differently then they are either single or delusional. Okay, that is a strong statement but nonetheless true. Relationships involve more people than just yourself and lining up all of those likes/dislikes, routines, and habits is difficult. What is even harder, sometimes, is finding someone to get to that [...]