Ranking The Most Terrible Movies of the 1980s

Looking back at the movies of the 80s is a fun exercise in nostalgia…

Dating In Your 40s

I will admit it, I have a guilty pleasure movie that I go to a lot. It's a film adaptation of a play called "All Over The Guy." The entire movie is about two people who try to date, after being hooked up by their respective best friends, and the foils that come with it. [...]

Out Of The “Movie” Closet

Shortly after I officially came out and met the person that was probably my soul mate, I was introduced to a great many things. One of them was LGBTQ cinema and no I am not just talking about porn. I had never known there were movies that dealt with people that felt the same things [...]

When I Grow Up

It's common knowledge that gay men seem to have more role models that are women than men. I come from an earlier time of coming out, so we really didn't have openly LGBTQ people to idolize. So we latched on to what was most available and it is funny how most gay men seem to [...]