Top 20 Songs That Sum Up 2020

**Post contains sarcasm and humor about all that has transpired in the year 2020. If you are easily offended, please hit the back button or the "X"in the top right/left corner of your screen** This year has left its mark on each and everyone one of us, that is for sure. As the hours tick [...]

Christmas 2020

This year makes the second year I have spent Christmas with one of the most important people in my life. Whether you call him my boyfriend, my partner, my lover, or whatever else, I refer to him as my equal and my partner in crime. He is the one person I enjoy having by my [...]

Christmas Traditions That Are Truly American

Christmas was established as a federal American holiday on June 26th, 1870. During the 1800s, how Americans viewed Christmas changed radically. It was during this time that Washington Irving wrote fiction about how Christmas had been celebrated in England before the Puritan takeover.  These stories sparked the American imagination and some of them have went [...]

Top 5 LGBTQ Christmas Movies

All too often, when we watch Christmas movies we are forced to see heterosexual couples getting all the spot light.  If we are lucky, we sometimes get a bit part in a movie or tv show. Most of the time it's just the subtext that shows up. I thought I would compile a list of [...]

Top Ten Bizarre Christmas Songs

***Warning, this post is NSFW and may contain material and opinions that some deem offensive. If you are offended easily, please hit the back button now*** We all have our go to favorites for our Christmas playlists. I even shared some of my favorite 80s Christmas songs with you last week. Classics are good and [...]

Crazy Christmas Tree Traditions

Christmas trees are the quintessential piece of the holidays. People go absolutely crazy with their ideas for decorating them. There are even people who leave their trees up all year long, to keep that holiday spirit going. During the holiday, there are also plenty of people who decorate multiple trees. Have you ever wondered where [...]

10 Weird Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions are everywhere, like hanging your stockings by the fire on Christmas Eve and leaving out milk and cookies. There are also traditions that families started. Have you ever wondered what other traditions there might be for this magical night of the year? Let’s take a look at a few of the more weird [...]