To The Streets… We March…

"In the early hours of June 28, 1969, New York City police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay club located in Greenwich Village in New York City." a quote from the article Stonewall Riots on This year marks the 50th anniversary of those very riots and Pride in the CLE will be honoring the event with [...]

Nudism and Body Positivity

Previous posts have touched on body image especially the one where I bared it all. But it is a topic that needs a bit more addressing, to be honest. I am very hard on myself, like many of us are. I see myself in the mirror and reflect back to a time when I was [...]

Self-Care TedTalks

Today, I thought I would share some Ted Talks about self-care. We often overlook it in our lives because we are taught that it is considered selfish to worry about our needs above others. In truth, both need to be tempered. Too much focus on anyone aspect can leave the other one seriously lacking. Sure, [...]

Non-Monogamy Relationship Styles

With speaking about relationships, the last couple weeks, I felt it appropriate to end this week talking about non-monogamy. This was a decision based on some of what I had been writing combined with ideas friends have proposed and a couple comments on a singular post. I want to make it clear that I do [...]

Can You Have Intimacy In Casual Relationships?

Looking at how "relationships" have changed over the years is an interesting study. As we move forward, now, it seems that casual relationships and open relationships are becoming much more common. Is this the new way of human interaction? Do we get what we need from these random encounters that don’t for any kind of [...]

Have Relationships Evolved?

Have Relationships Evolved? Are relationships, as we used to know them, a thing of the past? I will be 46 this year, that is hard enough to face, and I realize that my ideas of love and relationships are quickly becoming outdated. A quick glance through most hookup or dating apps will show you a [...]

Relationship Realness

A friend posted a meme on Facebook recently on "toxic monogamy culture." First, I will give a short rant how much I hate the over usage of the word "toxic" when applied to any culture. There are times that it is a valid expression and then there are time in which someone uses it as [...]